Question: Why should I publish with www.pengician.com?
Answer: Fourteen (14) Reasons You should publish with Pengician.com

Question: May I know why my works were discarded from being published?

Answer: Why works (Publications) can be discarded


Question: Who owns pengician.com?

Answer: CEO of Pengician.com


Question: Can I know Pengician. Com Team?

Answer: Pengician.com Team


Question: What are the areas of pengician.com Coverage?

Answer: Pengician  Coverage: 

Literature, Music, Video, News, Comedy, Education, Romance, Sport, Fact, Profile, Entertainment, Quote, Essay/Review, Tech, Book, Motivation, Research, History.


Question: Is there an email hyperlink subscription?

Answer: Yes. Kindly scroll to the bottom of the website to subscribe free of charge.


Question: Is there a Monthly SMS subscription for updates? 

Answer: Yes. We are working on it, so that your state and country of residence wouldn’t be a barrier. Just bear with us.

Question: Before I submit work(s) for publication on pengician.com what do I do?


Before you think of submitting anything to PENGICIAN for PUBLICATION(S)
Kindly read and understand this properly.
Before you send us your work for publication, make sure you read this link:

Contact Us

Read it and digest the content.

You can send your work alongside the picture you want it to appear with. We accept FRESH contents. And not works that have appeared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Before their works can appear on www.pengician.com we encourage them to drop at least 5 COMMENTS in 5 most recent POSTS on the SITE

We don’t charge for article(s) publication(s) for now!

We ONLY charge a token for ADVERTS, MUSIC 🎶 ,VIDEOS

<<<Our emails>>>
1. [email protected]

2. [email protected]
Or you could send your work to any of these numbers via WhatsApp:
1. A-ONE: 08063562857 (+2348063562857)

2. DON: 08063720685 (+2348063720685)

Whether you are sending to WhatsApp, send to anyone. Not to the two to avoid duplicate. Same goes for the email.
We do circulate published works. But
THOSE who have published with us are encouraged to share the links of their publications as well.

Each person cannot have more than once in 10 days of his/her article on the site.

We encourage the beautiful use of language. Polish your work(s) with imagery, metaphors, in short lace your work with good figures of speech.
We don’t accept prosaic/humdrum kind of Poetry
We encourage comments.
Those who have published with us are encouraged to always visit the site!
They should try the best they can to respond to the criticisms (comments) on their published works.
They (published icons) are equally encourage to encourage others via comments. These could be criticisms, corrections or appreciations on their published works.

We accept fresh contents and not works that have appeared on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc

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