YOUR STUPIDITY: A CHOICE, Buhari Hailer (Akan Ebenezer) blasts a Wailer (Seun Uzodinma)


** Seun, have you ever pondered on why I mop my Wall with your stupidity whenever I choose to? People like you limit yasef with ya half-baked criticisms. For a criticsm to be contructive, it has to acknowledge and respond to the realities of the prevailing operating environment, anything out of that points to ignorance or a vaunted idealism. Nothing happens in a vacuum- only ignorance.
** You expect Buhari to refine crude in 3yrs when the norm is for the government to hands off commercial enteprises. All ya idiotic mentors that looted and collected licences for refineries, where are they? Who were those that allowed the refineries we owned to become scrap heaps?
** Only a retard would equate a good health care system with building and equiping one superficial building and tag it world class. What of the health care of millions of Nigerians in their villages and LG? Is that how health care systems are built? Where are the trained and up to date medical personnel?
** Mugus like you would think poverty started today or that the factors that leads to a recession started with Buhari. When we had the rebased(debased) economy and affluence, could we by any stretch of the imagination measure up to India, Ghana South Africa, Morocco or other countries that had been getting their shit together for the last 30yrs, or has the presence of Buhari turned you into an emergency, stupid economist? Do you think countries lift millions out of poverty by making grand statements or by merely wishing it to be so? What foundations did ya former mentors put in place to lift people out of abject poverty? Where did you see a vibrant, growing country that was built on handouts and patronage? Is your senator coming home to dole out money supposed to alleviate poverty and lift the poor out of poverty?
** Then, if your retarded village neighbour decides to slit your throat at night, shebi its Buhari you will blame for not settling your communal issues a decade or two ago? Is it the norm to have a militarized society with soldiers on every doorstep? If the people want peace, they will make peace, it has never been imposed, at least not for long.
** A delusional idiot like you would not know the Fashola had started building housing estates again, or that building projects are ongoing in some states. Even when the budget for housing estates were slashed in this year’s budget, a certified idiot like you was busy defending the NASS, but here you are, stupid enough to claim that the FG is not building any housing estate.
** Fools like you dont know that Buhari cannot reform the civil service without amending the Act that protects it, and that is within the purview of the NASS. The onus on Buhari is to make them efficient, but without dismantling the Act, there is only so much that could be done. He has started out with an Efficiency Unit run from the Finance ministry, further reforms would require cutting down on the bloated civil service and their priveleges, but politically, that is the last thing we want to hear. After grappling with the recession, and the poverty that has pervaded ya consciousness, it would be insensitive at this point to add a massive retrenchment to that burden.
** I have no qualms with your Wailing, criticisms can only make the government better for all of us, but I have issues with your stupidity. I dont like people who reason with soundbites, rather than think beyond their myopia. Do you read the news or you only listen to the ignorance throbbing in your heart? I wont even mention ya mind, because I doubt it ever gave you the satisfaction of thinking.
** Guys like you talk because talk is cheap, even thinking is cheap too because it doesnt have to be reasonable, all you need is to think up to your nose. But thinking reasonably is where idiots like you expose ya ignorance and the fact that you cant see the world beyond your nose.
** With social media, our ignorance is no longer experienced in isolation- it is shared in Likes, Loves, Comments and Replies. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it, but your mind seems to latch on to every stupidity it comes across. Like, you have become a magnetic force-field for the idiotic.
** We can also be knowledgeable with other men’s knowledge, but we cannot be wise with other men’s wisdom, so, I cant force wisdom on you. Keep being stupid, if it suits you, but dont expect me to indulge ya ignorance all the time- its not a challenge I look forward to.


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