[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 3577 – 3579) By Godwin Inyang


She was happy to realize it was me, friend to
Her childhood friends but like others she never knew
I could weave great phrases with the red sap
On broad leaves – that from the muse I could tap
And stun with my lines of puns and rhymes;
It was hard to believe for she’d seen me in past times;
I, who played and chased birds with patches
On the butts of my shorts and had scratches
Playing rough in the bush and farms; she could remember
How my parents at my antics used to holler.

Could that crazy boy that overplayed from sunrise
Till dusk be the man her hubby did eulogize?
This was the thoughts in her mind and in her eyes
I read them all – to Patienceit, I was a surprise
With my status as moulded by her husband’s lips;
Though not seeing my works yet but she’d got the tips
Already knowing her husband that he’d never mix
With artists who’d never stretch imagination to limits.
Patienceit’s embrace was one only to friends
Quite dear to her heart – in it was no pretence.

Withdrawing from me, she shook Crookedmouthit’s hand.
‘These two were real bad boys who used every mound
‘And stream to do stunts hailed by younger soldier ants;
I’m glad to see them not turning to ruffians
‘But positively ambitious and real world changers;
I’m glad to see them as big-time world players,’
Patience it said to her man and we all wore big grins.
‘Honey, I’m thrilled – I feel this is the start of big things.
‘By the play I’ve just got from my good friend,
We’re about to set in motion a charming trend!’

© Godwin Inyang

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