We complain about women who take time with makeup; have you seen a guy that loves grooming? By Olumide GlowVille


I swear, they are underrated, compared with women!
I know of a guy who;
Polishes his shoes to taste.
Presses his clothes, even his boxer shorts till the gators are as sharp as razors!
Shaves all the time he has to go out.
Manicure and pedicure on point.
Burst existent and non-existent pimples.
Takes at least thirty minutes in the bathroom, bathing with scented body wash!
Creams very slowly with measured steps,
Applies hair cream generously, and brushes his hair until sporting waves appear! He even brushes his brows!
Takes time to decide which neck, and hand chain to use.
Uses different types of body perfumes; antiperspirant, deodorant, body spray, and cologne or perfume oil. Also spraying perfume on his ears and his wrists, rubbing them together.
Applies lip balm and waxes his ears.
Keeps some baby wipes in his pocket
Takes a long hard look at the mirror to make sure everything is on point.
He rounds it off with hand sanitizers.
Finally, after three hours of dressing up, he steps out looking like a bride!
Ladies, can you date this kind of guy?


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