So many people are passing through depression, be nice to people – Daniel G. Daniel


I was going through some epitaphs in a blog, then I found this particular inscription in a grave:
“I told you I was sick”
These six letter words alone have a lot of stories to tell. There are times you are just terribly down. Most times, it could be as a result of Illness or some kinda depression. Yet, people may still not take you seriously or give you the desired attention, until the very day you take your final breath. Then they would surprisingly come to your timeline or funeral and cry heavily as though they actually cared.
Although, their cry could be as a result of feelings of guilt (maybe of the things they would have done to help out but didn’t), or because they have shown hate and anger when they were supposed to show love and care.
So many people are passing through depression, be nice to people, hear them out, encourage them, motivate them and even make them smile if you can.
Don’t be like those children or siblings who will neglect their parents or siblings when they are alive, but wouldn’t fail to spend millions of naira just to give them a befitting burial when they eventually die, not necessarily because they care, but because they want the burial to match up to their social status.
Please, if you can’t show people love while they are alive, just forget the pretense when they die, a dead man enjoys no benefits.

Daniel G. Daniel

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