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REVIEW ON PENGICIAN.COM is an online portal that publishes content from diverse writers. The website showcases opinions, news and updates on a plethora of issues.
The website caters for diverse interests of a diverse audience through the various categories highlighted on the website. Some of the categories include; the pengician bookstore, pengician world records, attempt a record, literature, music, videos, news, funny post, as well as entertainment. These categories serve as the connecting link to unique thoughts on different issues and development.

A quick perusal of the website shows that there are links to social media platforms connected to each post. Administrators and readers can easily share every uploaded content across social media platforms. This gives the post a wider reach, increasing traffic on the website.
It is also good to note that every post has a picture attached to it. The importance of uploading images with articles posted cannot be over-emphasized. Pictures aid retention of information and good pictures captures the attention of a reader. This ensures that important information do not go unnoticed.
However, just as a good picture can attract attention, a bad one can cause a turn off, discouraging readers from paying a detailed attention to the content, no matter how good it may be.
Located at the bottom of the websites are advert links, which encourages anyone who is interested in placing an advert to do so at a reasonable fee.
The Face of Pengician column also helps to project interested members of the community.
Another noteworthy feature that catches the eye of a first time visitor on the site is the SUBSCRIBE link. This invites interested visitors to submit their emails in other to get updates from However, it is germane to note that only interesting content would keep readers coming back for more. If the content on the website does not encourage user engagement, if the content is not relevant , if the content is not well ordered and attractive to the eye, the chances of any visitor signing up for subsequent updates becomes very slim. This makes it imperative for administrators to ensure that contents are creatively arranged, to encourage engagement and online traffic.
Link to a business platform is also displayed on the page, it connects users to another facebook business page.
Also noteworthy is the Donate link, which encourages users to make voluntary contributions for the maintenance of the online portal.

The overall outlook of the online portal is not too appealing. The blend of black, white and red colours doesn’t hold interest for long. Maybe the white background has a part to play, I am not so sure right now. But my first attention span on the website struggled to last for five minutes, and that was out of curiosity (my frank opinion).
Another aspect of the web visual that needs urgent attention is the quality of pictures uploaded with the articles. As mentioned earlier, poor picture quality I a turn off for readers, it doesn’t encourage engagement, neither does it give the impression of professionalism and excellence to first time visitors on the website.
Meaning, the website administrator might want to look into appearance settings, or themes for the website. Except the colours which are currently in use are part of the pengician community identity, then it still begs for a creative blend and use.
The fonts option could be tweaked if possible. A clever use of fonts helps to make the overall outlook of any website attractive and reader friendly. Eligibility is not only aimed at making letters readable, it should also make the content appealing to readers.
Although I would still deal with this as a separate topic, it also falls under visual appeal. That is, categorization. Categories on the website could be neatly arranged. Not all categories should necessarily be a separate page on the website, to avoid a ‘litter’ on the website. A good example would be ‘music’ and ‘videos’. These two could be easily merged under one category called ‘Media’. The same thing applies to the ‘Pengincian world records’ and ‘attempt a record’ categories. The ‘attempt a record’ category could be a under the ‘Pengician world records’ category.
Neatness matters on a website. Orderliness is key. Productivity is not justified by disorder. Meaning, it is possible to keep the website active and running, with the features maintained in a neat way. Sometimes, it takes more than content to engage users on a website. The feel, visuals, and overall appeal of the website also matters.
Call it the icing on the cake, either way attractiveness is key.

Although not all users take note of this point, but for a web portal where there is an on going upload of content at a massive pace, it is quite important. When categories are clicked on the site, it does not open in a new tab. This keeps the user stuck to a page at a time, and limits the pace of navigation on the site.
This could also lead to slight delays in navigating back to the homepage. A web portal committed to providing a user friendly experience could look into this. When each category opens automatically in a new tab at a click, it helps users to have an enjoyable experience.

The first time I visited, I noticed a typographical error in one of the posts. The term ‘brain cracking’ was used instead of ‘brain racking’. When I started reviewing the website, I couldn’t find the post again. Then I thought of searching for the post in question.
However, I realized that widget is missing on the website. The search button helps for easy location. A news item viewed by a visitor could be needed again, either as a point of reference or reminders.
News updates are posted on the website every now and then, visitors who could not read an earlier post might want to search for previous posts in line with the current news posted.
There are different posts on the homepage. A user could be fascinated with a post by someone, or a writer’s style of writing. Out of curiosity or interest, the user might want to search for the person on the website.
There are various reasons why visitors might need the search button on the website, none is less important. It only provides a better user experience for visitors.

I opened the website on my mobile device to compare the feel with what obtains on the laptop. The interface allows for easy navigation.

I would like to review some of the categories on the website. I visited all the categories, but some thoughts on some of the categories are noteworthy.
PENGICIAN BOOK STORE – quite friendly and attractive interface. However, there seem to be only 3 books on the page, with nine book categories on the page, most of them are empty. If I would make a suggestion on this category, it would be to reduce the categories in the bookstore to what is currently available. This calls for a standby web designer who can update the changes when necessary. However, the current outlook is a good start.

PENGICIAN WORLD RECORDS (PWR) – content under this category can be more orderly. Posts could be archived in such a way that makes it easy for users to navigate without being ‘lost’.

ATTEMPT A RECORD – As suggested earlier, this category could be a sub under the previous one, Pengician world records. The reason for this suggestion is because the content under this category is just a form. This category could be linked to the previous one in such a way that that they see the highlight encouraging them to attempt a record, while reading feats recorded on

LITERATURE – Pictures attached with these content can be better. As much as uniqueness is to be embraced and respected, there could be a general rule guiding the appearance of content uploads.

MUSIC AND VIDEO – These categories feature reviews on latest music , as well as interesting videos, mostly comedy. However, uploading the songs of featured artistes is a good idea. This brings the content to the users real time, the inclusion of download links also gives immediate access to featured content.

However, I noticed that a download link was added to the video category, unlike the music page that made the content easily accessible. The video source could be easily linked to the page. A god suggestion would be youtube. Every click on the website would also count as an added advantage to the youtube page activity.

NEWS – I noticed that the news are not in sub categories. Depending on the nature of the web portal, this may not be too compulsory. However, it is good to note that there are various categories of news; could be on crime, politics, entertainment or just an opinion on a salient matter I the nation.

FUNNY POST – quite interesting posts that help to keep readers engaged. In the event of some future changes, this category could be moved under entertainment.

ENTERTAINMENT – posts under this category are also interesting and engaging. The picture quality of most of the posts is quite commendable. In fact, my attention span was sustained on this page because of this reason; picture quality.


Looking at the ‘TECH’ category, there seemed to be a post that missed its way into that category, the post on “Two fake Christ-men by Jodekss”, after reading through, the thoughts don’t seem to align with the overall theme in that category. Please correct me if I am wrong on that, but seeing that and a post on facebook underneath begs to be questioned.

About Pictures of Writers – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an in house rule guiding the kind of pictures uploaded by the writers to accompany their posts. Some of the pictures are not professional, social nor in-between. A good example would be the picture on the post under the FUNNY POST category – Kelly Hassino narrates his experience in Catholic

The word ‘CATEGORY’ – the word ‘category’ was repeated on every page. That is, a category is introduced with the words ; ‘CATEGORY : NEWS’ , this is not too compulsory, but it is a detail that could be reviewed, because the word repetition is not too necessary.

CONCLUSION has a lot of potential. If managed by a good editor, with an intelligent mind and eyes for details, contributors would be well guided, content would be well edited, and relevant ideas needed to take the platform to the next level would be well implemented.
Until then, keep up the good work!

Mary Adegunloye.

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW of by Mary Adegunloye

  1. Thanks so much, Madam for this critical review.

    “Then I thought of searching for the post in question.
    However, I realized that widget is missing on the website. The search button helps for easy location.”

    There is a SEARCH button in the site. It is located immediately after the 40+ RECENT POSTS.

  2. And for the online editor you mentioned on the review, this JULY an online editor would join the team.
    Thanks for this review which is a special hint.

  3. I will review this website before the end of the year. The site is improving since I bookmarked it.
    I appreciate the reviewer. There are typos in the work. I believe the Administrator made the post like that on purpose.

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