°If you visit his house and see dirty pots & plates in the kitchen, dirty cloths, unmade bed, dirty toilet & bathroom, dump him immediately.
He has zero husband material.
A man who values and respects you will keep his home clean especially when he knows you’ll be visiting.
He’ll even make special meal for you.
He wouldn’t keep dirty stuff and leave his home dirty expecting you to clean up for him when you come.
°If he makes nasty comments about menses and feels irritated to be around you when you are menstruating, run far away from him biko.
°If he tries to force or cajole you into having sex with him, or doing things you don’t feel like doing, dump his ass.
°Watch the way he treats the people below him and the women in his life, like his sisters, female colleagues, poor relatives or people working under him.
If he treats them like trash, baby discard him in the bin and flee.
If not, over time he’ll start treating you the same way.
°Is he a reckless driver?
Or the type that swears and insults other road users while driving?
Dump him!
Life has no duplicate.
°Does he spend recklessly or does stupid things just to please world people and appear richer than he truly is?
Baby dump him.
°If he feels he is superior to you and you should bow to him because he is male, dump him.
°If he tries to discourage you from improving on yourself, if he tells you there is no need to get more education or that you don’t have to work too much on your career/business because he plans to marry you, dump him.
°If he feels insecure or intimidated by your wealth, intelligence or career success, dump his sorry ass.
°If he likes to compare you with other women or his ex and put you down at the slightest opportunity, dump him.
°If he is hot tempered, emotionally manipulative and violent, dump him immediately!
I repeat, dump him!
°If he disrespects and cheats on you, dump him.
It will only get worse.
°If he tells lies at the drop of a hat, even when he didn’t have to, dump him.
°If he is stingy, selfish, insensitive and greedy, dump his ass.
°If he tries to make you cut-off your friends or relatives, if he is the type who tries to control who you talk to, who you are friends with, what you wear, etc, dump him!
°If he is so insecure and mistrustful that you have to always prove your love, loyalty and fidelity to him, dump him.
°If he brings in 3rd parties into your relationship issues at every given opportunity, if he always fails to own up to his wrongs/faults and expects you to be the one who apologises first even when he is at fault, these habits will get worse in marriage, dump him!
°If he keeps malice unnecessarily, rejects food and becomes emotionally abusive when angry, keeps late nights without good explanation, dump him.
°If he is not domesticated and doesn’t like the idea of paying someone to help around the house and with the kids when the time comes, dump him.
°If something about him scares you, something you can’t place a finger on, dump him baby.
A woman’s intuition is hardly ever wrong.
°If he is the “my mummy said” kind of boy-man, dump him.
Men who don’t have a mind of their own, men who are easily influenced or manipulated are among the worst set of men to marry.
°If he deliberately picks fights at the eve of your birthdays, valentines day or any special day, so that he won’t get you a gift or spend quality time with you on the special day, dump him.
°If he bosses and polices you around, prefers to listen to relatives, friends and other people’s opinions but disregards yours all the time, dump him.
If he doesn’t listen to your opinions while dating, it will be worse in marriage.
With time you will be like a stranger in your own home.
Biko dump his sorry ass now.
He is a destiny and joy killer.
Flee from him!
Don’t make the mistake of marrying a bad and insensitive man hoping you or marriage will change him.
Marriage doesn’t change people for better.
You can’t change people either.
People change only when and if they decide to change.
Badly behaved people get worse in marriage.
Do not make a bad decision out of desperation to become Mrs somebody, then turn around to cry foul later.
Most abusive men, future dead beat fathers and insensitive husbands show little signs here and there, of who they truly are during courtship, but many lovestruck or desperate women fail to read the handwritings on the wall, until it is late.
The keys to having a happy married life lies in your hands, make a wise decision, make the right choice for you and know when to walk away.
Yes no one is perfect but there are things you shouldn’t ever overlook or try to manage.
Don’t be blinded by lust, beauty, money or desperation.
Don’t bow to pressure, take your time if you so wish.
Please, kindly resist the urge to ask me about girlfriends to dump.
You have a brain, think it and write it…On your wall.
© Mmiliaku Genevieve Milly

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