Oh my God! I am not only pregnant but HIV positive, exclaimed Martha Williams, the daughter of tony Williams. What a frustration I have. I have lost everything; sound education, nice husband, good friends…, she continued, recalling her experience, and trying hard to recall her woes and how she found herself in such a mess!
Martha Williams was the only child in the family of Mr. And Mrs. Tony Williams in Anukwu village of Benue state. She was very beautiful and stupendously intelligent. Her parents loved her affectionately and were determined to offer her a sound education. At the appropriate age, she was enrolled into primary school. At school, she was marvellous, hardworking, respectful and absolutely superb. After her primary education, she was admitted into living Gods College for her secondary school career. Unfortunately, just at this moment, her father died, leaving behind her apparently young but non-enterprising mother mid-way into her secondary education. With this development. Things became unbearably difficult for them to cope with. Her mother struggled to feed her, pay her school fees, take good care of her and because of these, she became a victim of fatigue and series of illnesses. It was a tug of war to register for her senior school certificate examination. The above situation combined to make her lose focus academically.
As if that were not enough, she lost her mother after a long period of illness and things grew from bad to worse. She was now a poor orphan who roamed the street like a sheep without a shepherd. Thanks to providence, she got a little relief from her intense hardship, when her uncle in Lagos decided to assist her by taking her to Lagos where he lived. Life in city of Lagos was like no man’s business. Martha began to regain her lost focus and attended church virtually every day at Christ the saviour ministry, one of the new Pentecostal churches in Lagos. At the ministry, she manifested her wisdom and intelligence through her contributions and sharing of the word of God. The sweet sound of her voice was second to none within the congregation to noise and greatly admire her talents.
Roy, the pastor of the church, was not left out. The pastor in fact took special interest in her, such that he often visited her for private prayers, devotion and intercession. The church activities have become her major preoccupation that she rarely did her domestic and academic work any longer. She sometimes went out of the house at night in the name of crusades and night vigils. She became the pastor’s spiritual hand-bag. Her uncle, perceiving some ugly trend warned her that not all that glitters is gold. But, she did not seem to be listening; the pastor told her it was the devil working through her uncle to pull her down.
On one occasion, after their night vigil in the church, the pastor took her to his apartment and started pouring praises on her. Telling her how beautiful she was, and promising to sponsor her to any educational level. Martha was so overwhelmed by these promises of the pastor that she began to play hide and seek game with her uncle sneaking out of the house anytime she wanted and entering at will. Her uncle who has endured this bad behaviour of Martha’s became more restrictive to her, and Martha made up her mind to pack out of his house. Of course, she found a new home in the pastor’s house.
Things became rosy for her, as the pastor lavished affections and gifts on her. As to be expected, they became both prayer-partners and bed-partners; sharing the word of God during the day and sensual pillow talks at nights; simultaneously religious and canal.
One day Pastor Roy came back with a message; “the lord had declared that he should marry Martha and the wedding would be in London”. Martha’s joy knew no bounds. So, preparations started. Martha went and emptied her live-saving account in which his uncle deposited huge amount for her upkeep in future, into the pastor’s account. After all, they are leaving the country to get married. Their love, or rather lust, continued to blossom. But did not last, for all of a sudden things began to fall apart, when Pastor Roy has had his fill and used her enough to fill his pocket.
One fateful morning, Martha woke up to find out that both pastor and all his belongings were at large. Still confused, she saw a letter addressed to her, it read:
Dear Martha,
Thanks for being so nice, I am sorry to inform you that I will be travelling this morning to join my wife and children in Europe. Check the nearest hospital for the gifts I left for you. It was given to me and I am sorry, I had to transfer some to you. The choice is yours what you wish to do with it. Roy
Martha later visited the hospital and was told that she was not only pregnant, but HIV positive. Oh, how I have wasted my beauty, intelligence and talents all because of a fraudulent pastor. As she sat pondering on what next to do, the words of her uncle flashed back to her “not all that glitters is gold”.
On hearing her story, I told my friend; it could be you, my friend thought a while and retorted; Pastor Roy has had his field day, but let such pastors beware: girls like Martha may launch a counter-attack”.

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