Hailers and Wailers are in this Buhari deep shit together – Fadilat Idris

Fadilat Idris
#Hailer : You people should continue celebrating corruption like Christmas & Sallah, Saraki and the likes are eating the chicken and sallah meat while the online supporters continue dey blow banger………… We are in it together…… Smh
#Mee : just like you keep distracting us about a Buhari fighting corruption while
his minister allegedly forged a certificate
He’s yet to present his own certificate ,
one swallowed grass cutting money
,his kids school abroad,
his son rides a power bike worth millions,
his daughter married heir to the richest man in Borno
he goes abroad to treat a hail and hearty illness and spent 150 days.
So we are in the banga blowing business together.

Fadilat Idris

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