Guidelines to PENGICIAN Administrators [UPDATED]


•Concentration on original posts. Even if we must lift from another website it should be less than 3 in a week.

•Always TAG posts properly on the Tag area on the site before you post. At least 5 tags for each post.

•Post Topics/Captions must be captivating and catchy.
N.B: We encourage Administrators to learn how to create Killer Topics.

•Source for original works: Learn how to create fresh posts from controversial works of individuals from Facebook, Twitter etc.

•Interview Individuals very often.

•Works documented on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc are not allowed on the site.

•Only fresh works are allowed.

•Immediately after Publication of a post, you wait for like a minute before sharing it to allow the ‘Auto System’ send EMAIL to Subscribers.

•Immediately after publication of a post, after like a minute interval; share post on FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, PINTEREST, TUMBLER which the site is Linked to.
N.B: It means any Administrator must have an active account in the above 6 Social Networks.
•The sharing has been made easy with the way they have been linked to the site. To share just go to the bottom of the post and share.
•FACEBOOK is one avenue we encourage our Administrators to judiciously make use of by sharing works to Groups. We encourage them to be active in groups as well.

•No full stop (.) on a Post Topic.

•No use of ‘And’ on a Post Topic/Caption.

•If a post is from another website, endeavor to insert the post link or the short form of the site at the bottom of the post.

120 reasonable posts make(s) a monthly stipend.

•Before 7a.m, at least a post must have appeared on the site.

Create an account at
Any post you made at always drop it as a reply on NEWS section as a reply to the Month you’re in with that Post Topic & Link

You must obey the rules and regulations of the Online Editor of this great platform.

Africa’s largest online portal.

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  1. I do visit this webpage on daily basis.
    You guys are doing massively well.
    Keep it up.
    I have bookmarked the site longtime ago.

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