Mr. President as patriotic Nigerians who work for the unity and development of our country, Nigeria; the least we could do is to write this press statement.
There is a clique, group, organisation or gang in Nigeria that is working tirelessly towards genocide. The groups seem to have a legal backing; only that they can sue but cannot be sued. They kill, rape and destroy property of innocent citizens on daily basis with impunity. In fact, the federal government, the army, the police and other security agencies treat such issues as a matter of frivolity. We are talking about Bokoharam and Fulani herdsmen.
Regrettably, all these are happening in a country where we have a democratically elected president, a country where the president swore to abide by the constitution and protect the unity and integrity of one Nigeria, a country where the president has the authority, the power, the influence, the manpower, statutory/constitutional responsibilities to quench the killings and destruction of property by Bokoharam and Fulani herdsmen.
Mr. President , we have some instances of Fulani herdsmen attack in April 2016 killing forty persons in Enugu state, February 2016 in Agate Ebonyi state killing fifty persons, April 2016 in Taraba killing fifteen people. The number of people who got killed increased in geometric progression yet there was no open attempt to arrest or even caution these murderers. The worst is that Fulani herdsmen have lost respect for human life and claim unlawful and unacceptable rights. Specifically, it was reported last week that there was an allegation by the leadership of Miyetti Allah that some of their cows were missing in some communities in Enugu state and that some Fulani were killed. As such the herdsmen mandated these communities to pay a ransom of N 2 million as compensation for the missing cows. They did not have any evidence to back up their claims. Indeed, anything could have happened to the cows if at all their cows actually missed. The issue here is that they have been able to instil fear among the habitants of that area, knowing full well the implications of not meeting their mandate.
Mr. President, quite often questions have been put to you on the killings of innocent citizens but you either failed to acknowledge the incidences or claimed to be helpless on the matter. We have been puzzled on why Fulani herdsmen never became so powerful to kill without fear until a Fulani man became the president. The only step you have made as the president to salvage the situation is to demand cattle ranches in all the states in Nigeria, which is only but an incentive for the herdsmen to do more.
In addition, Bokoharam is still on. It is a fact that it erupted in the time of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Whatever, analysis shows that Bokoharam insurgence is more political than religious and the trends are clear. Any logical, critical, patriotic, sensible and honest Nigerian knows that Bokoharam is the brainchild of your campaign group. It was all in an attempt to unseat your predecessor. It gave you the opportunity to have a lot to promise of which among them were “to bring back our Chibok girls and to make Bokoharam a thing of the past.”
However, what we experience in your government is directly proportional to what you promised but in the opposite direction. This is because you have added insult to injury instead of setting out a plan on how to address Bokoharam issues, you decided to bring in your brothers and sisters to partner with Bokoharam. While Bokoharam is killing people in the cities, the Fulani herdsmen are killing in the villages, what a perfect company working together to achieve a common goal.
Bokoharam is even preferable to Fulani herdsmen in many ways. Bokoharam had suspects; some of them were apprehended, arrested and made to face the law. On the other hand, we know who the Fulani herdsmen are, we see them in broad day light, they invade our farmlands, destroy our property, they kill us, rape our young women but we cannot do anything, not even the government can help us and the security agencies claim to be handicapped. That notwithstanding, these killers have the guts to justify openly their deadly activities. Mr. President your government has given us poverty, recession, inflation, fascism, fear and lawlessness which in spite of the miserable condition, we have taken in good faith but the issue of incessant killings is rather on the extreme.
We hereby implore you to make a U-turn and hearken to the cry of the suffering and oppressed Nigerians. We are your humble subjects, we may have no capacity, no power, no authority or even connections to challenge you and the herdsmen but we have Almighty God, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob and the awesome God of David. The faithful God who took care of Abacha in his own time is still there to do it for us.


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