Duties Of An Online Editor

To become an online editor, you must have a good command of the English language. Beautiful use of language must be your second name. You should be conversant with English and Literary Studies, Languages and Languages, Theatre Arts, Music, History and Diplomatic Studies, Religious and Philosophy, Fine and Applied Arts etc. Manipulation of language is very important. You must be a voracious reader and writer. You must have an eagle eye to spot errors with the speed of light.

An Online Editor is just like an Editor-in-Chief of a Newspaper.
He/she does almost everything online.

Here are some duties of an Online Editor:


Press release(s).
Projecting the image of the website.
Creating contents.
Improving the ranking of the website.
Speech writing.
Publication and circulation of works from the website to other websites and social networks.
Creating exciting online programmes.
Responding to mails with professionalism.
Becoming the eye of the website.
Responsible for contents and images used on a website.
Advising reporters, proofreaders and administrators of the website.
Lead online news coverage.
Research on ways to improve the site inside out.
Writing and publishing controversial issues/topics.
Image maker of the website and negotiator of business oriented ideas to boost the website.
Doing fantastic blogging.


For Pengician Multimedia.

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