DR OVIE UGHWANOGHO ANNUAL URHOBO CHALLENGE – A tower of hope for our beloved URHOBO Nation & Language

DR OVIE UGHWANOGHO ANNUAL URHOBO CHALLENGE – A tower of hope for our beloved URHOBO Nation & Language

The Dr Ovie Ughwanogho Annual Urhobo Challenge 2018 shines brighter and Stronger as it towers high in strategic junctions across delta central.

The very busy Affiesere Junction is not left out in this regard.

The Dr Ovie Ughwanogho Annual Urhobo Challenge came on the heels of necessity, love and passion on the part of our sponsor to restore the Urhobo language from the brigandage of extinction.

Many of us who are patriotic do periodically emphasize the need to teach our children the language but the reality staring us on our faces today is that over 57% of our parents do not see the need to entrench this tradition anymore. This wasn’t the case from beginning and as such cannot be allowed to thrive.

Until our children see the realistic need to speak it, until they know they have so much to lose not being able to speak their language, until parents make a do or die affair, this lamentation will remain.

This is part of the cardinal objectives the Dr Ovie Ughwanogho Annual URHOBO Challenge is set to achieve .

When our children know they can win hundreds of thousands, by the time they know they can win both local and oversees scholarships, all by merely knowing and understanding the Urhobo history, language, people, ethics and value system, then they would be proud to do the needful. I once heard a young boy saying, ” who URHOBO help” just because his mother reprimanded him for not understanding his language.

How ever, since the inception of this Challenge, many parents and young ones are now seeing the need to take it seriously. In many schools we visited, we were told they started training the very day the last edition concluded. This is no doubt a good news to behold for us as a people.

So far, the reports reaching us from all nooks and crannies surpass expectation as its been win win all along.

Beyond the challenge itself, our tour of the various schools in URHOBO land equips us with first hand information as to the state of affairs of our public and private secondary schools with view to taking positive steps to correct negative observations.

You would recall that during the last year (2017) challenge which took us to 189 secondary schools, we found out that the Urhobo Language is not taught in over 75% of our schools due to the dearth of Urhobo Language teachers.

And in reaction to that, we made a public outcry which further necessitated a meeting with the ministry of basic and secondary schools at Asaba.

So when the commissioner via his Perm. Sec, came for the grand finale of the challenge last year at Government College Ughelli , he made it clear that government is looking seriously into the Urhobo Curriculum which was prepared by the Urhobo Studies Association(USA) and that in no time , it would approved and teachers will now be officially distribute to these schools.

Today, we hear that the curriculum has finally been approved. As we extend our gratitude in that light to the USA under the leadership of Prof Aziza and her team, we urge the government to do the needful in areas of deploying Urhobo teachers. We have submitted a list of 100 graduands given to us by the Languages and linguistic department( Urhobo option) was submitted to the ministry last year.

Coming to this year’s edition, a cardinal observation reveals the the high rate of moral decadence in our secondary schools. There is urgent need for seminars and workshops heard at re- engineering the attitudes of our teachers and students for better productivity in our secondary educational system.

The URHOBO LANGUAGE challenge is seen by majority as a blessing to the Urhobo nation as its setting a lot of things right.

God bless our principal and sponsor, Dr Ovie Ughwanogho! Any school we go to, both students and teachers pray for him. I also salute all UPYA TEAM members for their sacrifices of time and effort to make This program successful.

My name is Counsellor Denis Agori

Chairman Action/Organising Committee.

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