Celebrating with the celebrant SK NWAEJIE on his birthday 🎂 by Jodekss

Zentential verzion:

Happy birthday zir and good morn! I celebrate your birth and felicitate with your pengician might.
I remember few yearz back and yet, every bent edge you zaw in our rotten zociety you’d find zolutionz to on your timeline and on your broadcazt lizt on whatzapp. I’ll copy ’em and zend ’em to friendz. There were mixed reactionz on your ztyle bazed on their feedbackz though; zuch az thiz writer iz (you’re) awkward but unique — muzt he replace every conventional S with Z?, why muzt he relate zex and related notionz to proffer zolutionz to izzlez? and the likez. 😉
But who I zee iz zomeone who iz ztraight, creatively mad and ever conziztent to making the world a better place.
Rejoice brother az you celebrate but why iz it SK and not ZK Nwaejie? 🙂

Poezy verzion

S enor with enormity

K ing of the Zanger world whose ztyle’z az zweet az zex hmm…

N waejie, the great rod rocking ’em bad hoz with thunderz zhoutz

W ith your kind of zpermings if only we’d have two az Nigerianz

A frica will dive in through the lapz of our problemz

E at every part of the zenzitive hole and

J uzt like that truth will prevail and newnezz will be birthed

I n God’z name you zhall live longer to celebrate 200th zay Amen

E azt of me, wezt of me, zouth of me and north’z wizh you an happy birthday zire! 😊


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1 thought on “Celebrating with the celebrant SK NWAEJIE on his birthday 🎂 by Jodekss

  1. I like the replacement of ‘Z’ for ‘S’ cos the celebrant is one icon who don’t have an ‘S’ in his lexicon. He usually replace ‘Z’ for ‘S’.
    Happy birthday, SK.

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