Abdul Mahmud hurts like the rest of us concerning the NYSC forgery!


I feel hurt
Out of the law school in 1993, securing my NYSC call up letter was a battle. I was dribbled for two weeks because the law school authority claimed it was waiting on NYSC to deliver my call up letter, in spite of the fact that the list put up by it on its notice board indicated that I had been posted to the Federal Capital Territory for my national service. When my call up letter eventually arrived two weeks later and a day after the NYSC orientation began in Awgu, Enugu state, my posting had been changed to Cross River state for National Security reason- punishment for being the NANS President (1990/1991) and for leading the national students protest of 1991.
I proceeded to camp and served the fatherland with my heart and strength.
Happily, my principal, whose law office I did my NYSC, is here as one of my respected facebook friends.
Meet Leo Aggrey, former Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Cross River state.
We have the Minister of Finance who didn’t serve her fatherland when the opportunity availed her; and who, given the opportunity to serve, chose to procure an Oluwole NYSC exemption. To forge a public document is a serious offence and to swear to the ministerial oath to defend our constitution having committed a crime is a more serious offence. But, this is how we roll in our country- those who hoist megaphones on the beams of our public place and scream corruption, corruption and corruption are guilty of corruption, even the worst form of it!
Dear reader, should I remind you of the presidential aide ( here is the irony: he advises the president on corruption) who forged his WAEC certificate to gain admission into University of Jos? Heard the aide is still on his job.
Back to the beginning of this update: I feel hurt.
When members of my generation placed their undergraduates’ careers on the firing line and pushed for the return of the military to the barracks, the Minister of Finance and her ilk were abroad frolicking. I have friends here like Baba Aye whose medical student-ship was terminated at the University of Ilorin by the IBB junta;
When members of my generation offered themselves up for the National Service, the powers-that-be deprived them the opportunity of serving. The lucky ones who got their call-up letters were sent to the back of yonder of our country. They persevered. They served. They ended up not having their discharge certificates issued to them. Late Bamidele Aturu had his NYSC certificate withdrawn. Sowore was never issued his certificate.
Here, we have the Minister of Finance who dodged national service and the presidential aide who doctored his WAEC certificate to read law all serving in a government that has declared war on corruption.
I feel hurt when I draw attention to these things and I am told, “you are a sympathizer of corruption”.
What’s corruption?

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