Published authors in Nigeria are invited to submit their works for a special offer. We believe that every author is unique in their way and as such, has a special message to pass across. After publishing a book there is a need to communicate the contents of that book to the wider society in different ways. This will help the author to deliver his/her message to the target audience. The point here is that it is possible for someone not to read a book and still learn whatever lesson the book has to give. Therefore, we have set out to review books with the aim of publishing: a catalogue of Nigerian book reviews, quotations from Nigerian authors and lessons from Nigerian authors (print and audio).
Libraries remain the highest buyer of books in Nigeria due to the nature of their mandate. We have over 150 academic libraries, 30 state libraries,, 24 national libraries ,700 school libraries, 100 research libraries, 80 special libraries and 500 standard community libraries in Nigeria. These libraries select the books they purchase using NIGERIAN BOOK IMPRINT which is prepared by the National library through legal deposits. Unfortunately, most publishers in Nigeria do not comply with legal deposits as a result of economic and distance problems; as such the books from such publishers remain invisible to over 1500 standard libraries in that buy books on yearly basis in Nigeria.
Therefore, the publication of “A catalogue of Nigerian book reviews” is targeted at all the books that are not found in the legal deposits, so that we bring them together and project them to gain visibility. Each of the books will be reviewed to show the subject (the main point of the book), the author, the publisher and the date of publication. The catalogue will be distributed to all the libraries in Nigeria. The publication is intended to be an annual.
Wisdom and intelligence did not end with Achebe , sonyika, chimamanda , Shakespeare or even Socrates. The modern or burgeoning authors are not in any way less. Indeed, they could have life touching quotations that emanate in the middle of their writing. So the quotations from Nigerian authors will be compiled and published for the world to tap from their knowledge. It will equally help to market the individual authors whose quotations will be featured.
Book is only a medium through which information is passed. Information itself is the ultimate. Information can be passed in various ways to reach a wider audience. It is on this ground that we want to sieve out points or lessons from Nigerian books, organise and collate them to enrich the society which will equally be an effective way of marketing the book and the author. It will be published in print and audio formats.
Works to be submitted must be a book (not less than 49 pages with ISBN).
Works to be submitted must not have been published earlier than 2017. Works published before 2017 will not be featured,
Books in all subjects are welcome including literary works, motivational books, religious books, textbooks etc.
Electronic copies of the books should be submitted to metavoxprints@gmail.com with the name of the book and the author as the subject.
Service fee: free
Submission starts on 15th July and ends 31st October, 2018

NB: Metavox Prints Limited (RC: 4196192) is a co operate firm, as such the copyright protection of your book will not be jeopardized.

ENQUIRIES: call 08131875945, 08035261275 or 07016316742
Whatsapp: 07087910733
Email: Metavoxprints@gmail.com

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