Pengician.com is a blog. This is because blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even messages for each other which differentiate a blog from other sites on the World Wide Web. Some popular blogs in Nigeria are nigerianvoice.com, mydailynewswatchng.com, vomiprof.com, sunnewsonline.com, thenationonlineng.com, naijaloaded.com, naija.ng, nairaland.com, lindaikejisblog.com, bellanaija.com and pengician.com . Pengician.com is the Africa’a largest online portal for literature, music, video, quotes, profile, news, education, tech., sport and comedy.
The blog is diversified. A visitor to the blog can have all their needs satisfied without checking out. This is to say that the contents of the blog comprises pengician bookstore, pengician world records, attempt a record, literature, music, video, news, funny posts, entertainment, romance, fact, profile, quotes, essay/review, age books, education, sports, tech, and news. Indeed, the contents are short of nothing. The collection is not too far from an online library. They are arranged in categories to ease access.
In addition, social media was utilised adequately to engage users. The plugins were suitably activated to promote the blog. Each post can be shared through facebook, twitter,instagram, pinterest, google+, linkedin, tumbler to reach readers. This way the post circulates among all social media users while advertising the blog. Again, the blog is connected to pengician facebook page, two facebook groups and a whatsapp group. These ones coordinate the contents of the blog and the users since the users can get updates from their social media groups without visiting the blog.
Pengician.com features songs from burgeoning artistes. This will enable the audience to find such great woks which otherwise, would have remained invisible. This initiative is similar to that of www.publiseer.com that publishes songs from every artiste for free on their store, amazon, spotify, google play music, Apple i tunes,deezer, shazon, claromusics, tiddle etc. publiseer equally publishes book on their store, amazon, barnes and noble, google play books, apple ibooks, kobo, scribd, playster, overdrive etc.( publiseer was able to win the 2018 african entrepreneurship award organised by BMCE bank of Africa ). This is less than what pengician.com does on her bookstore where books like ‘The destined queen by Martin Amadi’ have been published. Therefore, this is the conviction that promoting the good works of unpopular authours and artistes is a noble venture.
However, the pengician world records needs to be overhauled. The requirements or conditions for “attempt a record” are rather too stiff for an average Nigerian to embark on. In fact, people will not be encouraged to participate. Imagine a situation where a participant is to pay a registration fee for the contest, sponsor equipment and venue for the record attempt, invite a professor or PH.D holders, three graduates with their certificates and a time-keeper. Apart from all those, a twenty-four hour video surveillance of the attempt. The process is scary and no one would like to spend such money on a venture with an uncertain outcome. The processes are not even streamlined; there is no specific time when registration starts, no stated amount for registration fees and no defined venue. Again, I am puzzled on why someone would contest for world records such as ‘Most portion of land cleared of weed in an hour, Most bananas eaten in 5 minutes, Most bras worn by an individual, most pants won by an individual, the person with most sittings for WAEC, the person with most sittings for NECO exams, world most paid prostitutes, and most time spent sucking a lady’s nipple. No reasonable person would be proud to contest for any of the above awards let alone winning it.
The music category in the menu does not house fashionable artistes. The artistes featured were L-kay, splendour, Kenny brown, Olamilekan etc. these artistes are not popular as such their song cannot attract users or even keep them . The category contains music reviews or wordings only. This is a snag as most blog visitors visit blogs to download current releases and nothing more.
Moreover, the blog attempts to cover every sphere of human information need: literature, music, video, news, romance, entertainment, quotes, education, sports etc. as such has no real focus. It tries to gather everything and may not be known for anything. It may be hard for visitors to return willingly to the blog since it has no unique purpose. Ninety percent of what you find on www.pengician.com can be found elsewhere which a resultant effect of nichelessness is.
The’ quotes’ section has quotes from one or two people only. It looks like that page was created for Jacob Zuma and Robert Mugabe. The worst is that some of the quotations were unreasonable and absurd such as ‘if relationship is not about sex, why not date your family member?-Jacob Zuma ;’ my sister your private part should be in the Guinness book of records as the most visited place in the world’ –Jacob Zuma. That quotation lacks substance and as such has no information to give,
In my opinion, www.pengicin.com should carve out a niche. Blogs do have niche just as lindaikejiblog.com focuses on gossips, bellanaija.com on politics, nigerianuniversitynews.com on tertiary education news. However, there are still some that base on general items such as naijaloaded.com, nairaland.com. The point here is that if pengician.com must toe the line of the blogs with general niche it should expand its staff strength in the various categories for consistency in creating relevant, timely and catchy contents.
“Pengician world records attempt” should have a defined procedure; it should be made in such a way that if participants have anything to lose it would be their registration fees and transportation fares only. Above all, it should have a particular period when it happens, date, venue, time and prizes to be won stated clearly. The issue of laughable world records such as ‘Most time spent sucking a lady’s nipple, most bras won by an individual and the likes should be expunged totally.
More still, songs of celebrated musicians such as Phyno, Flavour, Whizkid, Olamide, Davido, Tiwa, Donjazzy etc. should be made available in the music section for downloads or even streaming. Such songs can be uploaded alongside the other artistes.
Publications in the romance category are not spellbinding. Consideration should be given to stories that anchor on sex and erotic love, published with seductive pictures. Erotic love issues should be discussed on the page, such as how to increase dick size, sex positions, contraceptives, how to kiss, how to get a girl, porn videos can equally be uploaded with the intention of making people acquire sex skills. A network of youths should equally be created on the romance page. Also, the quotations should not revolve around one man. There are many quotations that could catch someone’s interest; it must not be about a particular person or persons. The quotations should be catchy and relevant but at the same time informative, positive, educative not fallacious or absurd. Specifically, quotations like “An intelligent plan is the first step to success. The man who plans knows where he is going, knows what progress he is making and pretty good idea when he will arrive. Planning is the open road to your destination-Basil S. Walsh, will look more informative than “My sister your private part should be in the Guinness book of records as the most visited place in the world”-Jacob Zuma.
On the course of the review I came across a post entitled “ Anambra student who showed up for exams dressed as Anas Aremeyaw, Ghanaian masked journalist, chased out of class “which should have been “ The student of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu university, Anambra state who showed up for exams dressed as Anas Aremeyaw, Ghanain masked journalist , chased out of class” . It should be borne in mind that the title of any publication matters a lot.
The blog should equally be linked to the opera news feed in order to get a wider range of audience. Integrating blogs into opera news feed is now a major promotion strategy used by bloggers. Any blog that is not featured in opera news feed may not bother to blog. This is because majority of the readers now depend on opera news feed for current posts from different blogs rather than endure the stress of moving from one blog to another for recent information.
Finally, organising quizzes will be nice in attracting visitors to the blog. A proof is the skusat facebook page which initially gets two or three likes at most on daily basis but few weeks after their quiz their likes multiplied to over five hundred on daily basis. In addition, essay competition is even more apt. It can be among students or writers. I can testify with the essay competition organised by jpoutreach.org at University of Nigeria , Nsukka. The competition gave jpoutreach.org over one thousand engaged visitors. Essay competition will be a wonderful opportunity to acquire articles from skilful writers which can be published on the blog afterwards.
In conclusion, pengician.com is diversified, utilizes social media adequately, and promotes burgeoning authors’ and artistes. On the other hand certain issues need to be addressed such as the music category not housing fashionable songs, nichelessness, unstreamlined nature of the pengician world records, unattractive nature of publications in the romance section, fallacious and uneducative yet not humorous quotations.

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  1. Salutation for this critical review.

    A short response to some of the issues raised:

    “…if pengician.com must toe the line of the blogs with general niche it should expand its staff strength in the various categories for consistency in creating relevant, timely and catchy contents.”
    We are currently recruiting super bloggers and editors.

    PENGICIAN World Record (PWR):
    As the name implies, it is a world record. Some records are bound to be out of the world, absurd, uninteresting, risky etc.
    Records are not exams that you fix for students or participants. Participants tell you when they are ready.
    Fee: Very affordable. Not like Guinness World Records that only registration costs over N500,000 (half a million). Judge invitation is almost N800,000.
    We do everything at PWR at an affordable amount. We reward winners. But Guinness World Records after being a winner you get only Certificate and Guinness Book which altogether is not up to N10,000 out of almost N4,000,000 expenses. Because you have to take care of everything by yourself.

    We have random quotes and SIR A-ONE Quotes. They are of different categories. Some of the quotes from Robert Mugabe, Jacob Zuma you talked about are funny and at the same time keeping some persons entertained. Remember this review is your opinion. Others have their own opinion as well. People share their views of the site via comment sections and our email.

    Staff strength:
    Since we are covering every area and facet of life, we are recruiting talented bloggers and editors. By August all hands will be on desk.

    85% of our contents you cannot find elsewhere. We don’t lift every now then like others.

    Once again, thanks so much for this review.

  2. Porn:
    Overtime, people have raised this issue urging us to add porn videos to the site categories. Our staff are on it if we shall adopt it or abandon it.

  3. Critical review indeed. To see that everything is work in progress in Life, the reviewer made some typographical errors too.

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