Yusuf BM With Nazifa Ahmed; Celebrating A world.

Dear Friend
My Amarya I call all the time, today is another day for me to tell you how important you’ve been to me and how you are today.
26 March 2017, let me start from there, I was lost in pain and this was your message “I know she has took a lot from you but, be strong for her”. Do you know this sentence held me so strong even till date. It’s rare how to find the type of our friendship, you were always there for me and vice versa. It got to a stage I don’t see you as just a friend but, like blood sister and you are.
My Amarya, you are unstoppable future, you the night that beautifies the world, you are the star that brighten every heart, if I should start thanking you I will turn Kilimanjaro to a note book. You mean a lot to my soul. I’m happy I have some who knows me like the palm of her hands and whom I know like my face.
I once said; You will be my best man during my marriage, I told my honey and she giggled about it. I had no friend but, you. I’m proud of you. Here comes my wishes wrapped in poetry:
Days grow in colours
Some red, blue, pink
May the Lord of us
Paint yours with pink and green
Pink- love, joy and smiles
Green- Long life, wealth and more

I Pray, My soul pray.

Face speaks of your mind
May your face never
Experience drought of smiles

I pray, My soul pray.

My Amarya
Did you know your beauty is heaven?
May it never lack Paradise in it

I pray, my soul pray.

Do you know your heart is egg
May the Lord of Adams
Give you Adam with pure heart
That won’t crush your heart.

I pray, My soul pray

Happy Birthday My Amariya….

From Yusuf BM (That Ango…lolx)

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