I have been off social media or passive for more than 2 months now, not that I fell ill nor that something unpleasant withheld me. Not that I have lost the zeal in transforming lives of my readers who publicly or privately alluded to their beneficence of my write ups. Not even that I discovered my certificate was torn. It is said “the tortoise recoils into his impervious shell not out of cowardice but of bravery for there lies his strength against all maleficent animals”. No one can claim having learnt it all, hence I had a great task of reading and learning, researching and discovering, to grow and assist others to grow. Indeed, it was a demanding task to cut off my social life even for a day but the rewards are exceeding and prodigious.

It’s illogical as many believed, especially the graduates to be, that school- academic institution, is the end and every other things falls into place as every nut fixes to a bolt forgetting that all nuts and bolts are of unequal size. The truth is that AFTER SCHOOL IS THE BEGINNING OF LEARNING. It might shock you that not even one thing learned in 4 or 5 years of school may be applied to your daily life. This was the argument I was having with her without knowing that the debate has heated to its peak. I refused to accept her ideology. But she insisted with more facts.

Put it on record, she said. 99% if not 100% of humanity seek money to actualize their dreams, in fact money is their dreams. But I have never seen nor heard of a Department of Financial Accumulation or The Department of Money Strategy where as it’s the most sought treasure on Earth, Mars and even Moon. Do I imply that school is unimportant? No. It’s very important like I said earlier, it’s just the beginning, a foundation.  PEOPLE MAY LAY THIS FOUNDATION FOR YOU BUT ONLY YOU CAN CONTINUE THE BUILDING. You are not taught financial intelligence in school, you are taught the chemistry behind this and the principles of that. In his legendary Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill stated, “great universities specialise in teaching knowledge but the do not specialise in the organisation and use of the knowledge. And Rich Dad rightly said “without financial literacy and knowledge of how money works, we are not prepared to face the world”. Hence we leave school degreed not moneyed.

Everyone criticised her when she tore my certificate and asked how will I continue with life struggles?

“But it was irrational to believe life is a constant struggle, it’s not.” Was her reply.

“It’s only a constant development of oneself to solve the problems at hand and equipped to solve the one ahead for surely, problems stream in constantly. Life is an unending hills climbing with a brief resting area. Don’t forget as Brian Tracy puts it ‘life is a continuous succession of problems, like waves from the ocean… YOU WILL RISE IN LIFE TO THE HEIGHT OF THE PROBLEMS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SOLVING’. And remember God sends us success in parcel of problems, the bigger your problems, the bigger your success.” No one could challenge her and she reeled off.

“It’s worthy to note that self discipline conquers it all. Self discipline is the ability to do what you should do and when you should do it even if you don’t feel like- Elbert Hubbard. Rebuke the path of least resistance and delay short term gratification in order to enjoy greater reward in long term says Brian Tracy. We must set a standard for our self and live by it. Read books, virtually all that it’s worthy to be read.” She repeated after sneezing, “READ BOOKS”.

“Finally, the end is to be happy. Happiness is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal. It’s not a destination, it’s a continuous progress. Keep in mind that our Supreme has promised us in Philippians 4:6-7 ‘Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayers and supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known into God’.”  My anger was cooling off and she said, “READ BOOKS, READ BIBLE”.

And I did exactly after she tore my STRUGGLE certificate.

Mr Scribe

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