You make your mistakes and then you be the greatest you could be



Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Love one another even if they aren’t sick, even if it is believed that their permanent absence is far away from the present. Love them even if their stubbornness is emphasized on the daily and they are relentless when it comes to treating the world badly.
You are allowed to love someone silently. You are not required to impress someone just because they are not yet your best friend. You don’t have to rush to the rescue in the hopes of someone rewarding you. You don’t always have to speak and always have to act just to prove that you love someone. Sometimes loving someone silently is the heaviest love of all.
Compliments are not always the answer since it is known that mirrors shatter. Be excited to let someone know about what beauty they fancied themselves in and be elated to acknowledge everyone’s new do. But, it is not always the outer image that needs to be appreciated, but we need to compliment the mind as well.
Our minds can be our biggest betrayal when it finds itself to be unrecognized. Compliment someone’s way of thinking before they believe that their thoughts are useless. Be the tissue to someone’s tears when needed. Don’t be stubborn to be pressed against their watered eyes but be soft upon their cheeks. Wipe their eyes with your compassion. Remind them that eyes never fail to dry up.
Do not get uncomfortable when people let their feelings flow in front you. They have been holding it in for so long and they cried in front of you for a reason. Always be desperate for more. Stop cuddling yourself on your favorite living room couch but be daring and leave your complacency. It is healthy to be uncomfortable because that is how a new normal approaches you.
Once you get tired of your definition of normal, do something spontaneous and set higher standards. Do not be greedy with happiness. If you are happy, share it and soon the rapid spread of smiles will consume the world’s villains. Break the trend of everyday sadness but wear its fashion if you need to. Cry for the love of God. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak.
No eye is always dried and tears make rivers. A water’s best talent is to help the seed grow. Tears are a big help in letting our seed grow. Be careful with the voice inside of your head, for it can be angelic but demonic the next. The mind seems to think quicker rather than smarter when the thought of sin embraces its body. The mind will
beg you to rebel against your good but the heart will remind you what your good is. The mind can be a box but only you can make it a gift.
Live by faith and not by sight, for visibility can prove its temporariness. Have faith in what is blind to you because in the end you will be able to see it. Believe in what you and others cannot see because it is faith that heals the eyes of the blind. If you are obsessed, take some time off. Eating everyday will only lose its taste but letting yourself starve for a while will make you hungry for it again. Listening to a good song everyday will only lose its melody but letting your ears go deaf for a while will make your ears be excited for noise again.
You are allowed to space yourself from what you love. Absence gets the blood flowing again and I promise you, your heart will appreciate it. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop trying to avoid your feelings. Stop beating yourself up for being healthy. Stop hiding from what you are afraid of. Stop believing in everything you know is unrealistic. Everyday, in the morning, you are to act like a human. You make your mistakes and then you be the greatest you could be.

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