Who cursed Nigeria with Buhari – SIR A-ONE

No Hard feelings!
#Hailers did you wonder why 75% of the Governors in Nigeria don’t invite President #Buhari to commission
#Projects ? They prefer to invite
#Goodluck Jonathan, #Atiku Abubakar and others to commission projects in their various States.
Tomorrow and Next, Atiku will be in Rivers State and Bayelsa to commission projects.
I will be among those to welcome him at the PortHarcourt International #Airport if other schedule will permit me.
They said we are #Wailers because we are like #Critics to this Principal of the Hailers.
I learnt in Lagos State sometime ago Buhari was invited to commission ‘Bus Stop (Terminal)’. What a sardonic state of the mind?
Who cursed Buhari as a president?
Was this what he was seeing in 2014 when he was fighting to become the president of Nigeria?
3 years down the line, no single project started and completed by him.
Within 3 years, he has borrowed more than what #PDP borrowed in 16 years, and nothing to show for it.
He has been fighting ‘selective corruption’.
A jobless son of his with a power bike worth N45,000,000.
This is Nigeria, No #APC member is not corrupt.
Criticise Buhari and face the rhythm of corruption fight.
We have only 243 days to Presidential election. What have you done, or what have you be doing to change this change in 2019?
Do you like the Country like this?

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