What you believe is best, so follow your heart: Circulatory



Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Have you ever noticed a pronounced blood vessel in
your arm, or your foot, or your side, and tried to trace it around your body?

You start where it protrudes, where it’s physically noticeable by touch. You feel the gentle bump, remark at the sinewy strength of it, rub a finger or two along its length.

You move up your body, pulling away from your extremities until you lose the physical touch and
have to rely on sight.

It’s the bluish tinge of a small line on your skin now: twisting and twirling almost as if a toddler with a penchant for the teal Crayola crayon drew on your forearm, your abdomen, your calf, instead of the white walls of his living room. It dips and turns but it attempts to remain linear; it all heads in one direction without veering too much. Sometimes you have to pick up your finger to ensure you’re still following it correctly, until it soon becomes invisible. It’s gone.

You look down at your finger and notice where it stopped. Then you trace another vein, starting from a new location, idly maneuvering along its path until it stops at the same point. And you try again. Same result.

It always stops at your heart. Your finger hovers there for a moment, before you remove your hand and ponder this fact. It always stops at your heart. Everything in your life is traced back to your heart. It is central, it is guiding, it is
sustaining. Your hopes and dreams, ambitions and goals, thoughts and feelings, circle right back to the
metaphorical (if not physical) muscle beneath your
ribcage. It can break and feel like bits and pieces of
your life are escaping, almost as if it was a physical wound with blood spurting out. But just as it can break, it can heal too, for the heart is resilient and strong. There are systoles and diastoles in your emotions as well as your heartbeat: times when you’re relaxed and allowing everything to flow freely, and times when you’re constricted and tight and concealing certain entrances and exits, forcing your thoughts and feelings to be pushed a certain way.

Take care of your heart. Allow it to beat and feel freely. Success comes from doing what you believe is best, so follow your heart. Because if you don’t follow it, you’ll never trace anything back to where it begins and ends. And it’s all circulatory.


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