We should stop normalizing and condoning behaviours by Kelly Hassino


Women insulting their husbands during labour because they are in pains, referring to him as goat, dog, foolish man, useless man, idiot, pig and so on for supposedly putting her in that situation.
I can’t understand that..I mean, you’re in pains and I feel sorry for and I would do anything to take the pain away from you.
But how does insulting me and my whole generation which you’ve however become a part of because you’re about to put to bed and it’s my child make any difference. I mean that’s far fetched and unruly.
For a sex that was consensual a enjoyed by both of us..
I think any woman who does that is just uncouth, lousy and unrefined.
If my wife/girlfriend insults me so much in public during her labour, I would tend to her and do my best to pet her until she delivers..
But after that, we would surely have to talk about it and an apology will be tendered.
I don’t western women doing that. Even to the point of death, she acknowledges the man in her life. We should stop normalizing and condoning behaviours.


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1 thought on “We should stop normalizing and condoning behaviours by Kelly Hassino

  1. Vivian Umeh Dike >>>

    Well, professionally speaking, i have been present during countless labour and deliveries and I’m yet to record more than 3 instances where the women were verbally abusive to their husbands. In 2 of the cases, one the husbands was not reachable for over 24hours prior to labour and the other couple came with their wahala from home.
    So it is not a general behaviour for women to go lambasting their husbands during labour.
    However, personally speaking, e dey PAIN sha. so if at all a woman decides to lash out or ‘manage’ the pain by cussing out, pls just take it. I doubt if most women mean what they say at those times. Just understand her vulnerability at that time and let it slide.

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