TPG Young Voices Issue; Listen to the 2nd Poet


Adamu Usman Garko, ss1 student in Gombe. He is a poet and story writer. His work has previously appeared at Blueprint newspaper, The Arts-muse Fair, poetry planet, Praxis magoline. He authored an eBook “Lonely Season”. He’s hoping to publish fifty-pages collection of dirge poems before this year ends.



A luminous orchard brook my fiery ears
I become warm curb
for the serenity of a shimmering bird

She ever talked to the rapture of my ears
An athirst enamoring in the bittersweet
Of unholy sweetness

She haunted me with the limpid of her
Scared words
Like stranger she smiled when arriving to
My ecstasy

She enclosed me in a an enclosed lens
Wearing garland on the canopy of her smiles

Telling me…

She has recovered to thatch her soul over a forlorn nest.


©Adamu Usman Garko

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