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Yusuf BM is a Photographer, Poet, Journalist, Spoken Word Artist and a motivational speaker. Yusuf is a journalist at Pengician and a member of the Hilltop Art Centre Minna and also a member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). He is the founder/CEO of Teen Poetic Globe (TPG), a platform aimed at encouraging young artists around the globe and to promote poetry culture.

To My Wife by Yusuf BM

To My Wife

Come O’ love
I await you
Behind the clouds of future.

I know your heart
Has gone through
The path of pains
Come rest it on the bed of roses
I’ve kept for you in my heart
It will forever be safe.

Dear Wife
I am the song
Your heart wants to feed on
I await it coming to my vicinity
For the aroma of the cooked lyrics
Is already soaring in love.

Dear Tsuma (Wife in Japanese)
I am the samurai
You’ve been yearning for
I have got a perfect Katana
To protect your heart.

Dear Zawja
This is the Alzawj
Your future has been dreaming of
I shall spray all the Arabian perfumes
On our love.

Dear Night
I know you are so pretty
But, I shall be your beauties; Stars and moon
To beautify you the more.

Dear Amarya
Those horses of pains
Will no longer gallop in your heart
Here you have an elephant of love
Ready to reside in there.

As we bridge our souls
Soon far in time
Together we shall wet
The growing flowers germinated by our love.

Come O’ love
I await you
Behind the clouds of future
With open arms.

© Yusuf BM

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