To My Unborn Child – Yusuf BM


Yusuf BM is a Photographer, Poet, Journalist, Spoken Word Artist and a motivational speaker. Yusuf is a journalist at Pengician and a member of the Hilltop Art Centre Minna and also a member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). He is the founder/CEO of Teen Poetic Globe (TPG), a platform aimed at encouraging young artists around the globe and to promote poetry culture.


Dear Child,
As you march in
Far soon
It’s a circle
Give pain you get pains
Give rain you get rains
Give love you get loves
This is life in poetry.

I have drank from the bowls of life
The tastes are in my tales
You will come have them
Purely shall I can split them
Into your fresh ear.

I don’t want me to be
“Daddy is coming, run to mum”
My love is for you
Vast and pure you will have it.

Hey child
This love; You will yearn for it
Be careful as you will run through
Forest of love in search
And I pray may me and mum
Leave you a proof.

It’s beginning is fun
You will soar into every childhood clouds; Honey they are
Glide gently into Adulthood clouds; Puzzles they are
Be a star that Illuminate smiles
On every dark face.

Dear child
I can’t wait to love you
My palms are itching
Come peaceful I shall embrace.
© Yusuf BM

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