There’s A New World; Pengician

Firstly the meaning of the word ‘PENGICIAN”

Pengician is a creative writer and artiste.

1. a person whose job is writing memoirs, articles, books, poems, plays, stories, etc.

2. a person who sings, or whose job is singing, especially in public.

3. a person who is famous for writing or telling amusing stories.

Pengician an online multi-media site, it’s a site that is new but, bold. The way it brings a lot of things partaining media it’s very so special, talking about the; Entertainment, News, Literature & Art. Pengician has one special thing that made it unique, I mean the way it brings special programs on it to draw many viewers or visitors not more of like other sites that only focus on one thing e.g; Sir_A_One Quotes, TPG Young Voices and many more.
Normally I know sites mostly base on news though in categories like; Entertainment News, World News, Citizen News and more. Pengician find a way in building theirs in a special way by not focusing alone on news but, other things people will read and get enlighten. Pengician is also strong in giving powerful new news to the world and now I see it as a new powerful world in Mass media. It communicates fast with the media community, as bloggers there follow people on Facebook, Twitter and more to listen to their opinions and get them published for people to get access to it fast and easy. This shows that Pengician is a very strong online media.

Even with the strong activities by Pengician, I still feel there are somethings that is needed to look at to improve Pengician which will be as follows;
-Employing more bloggers and news reporters

-Improvement in program development techniques
-More on Entertainment gist or news
Creativity & Originality

Employing more bloggers and news reporters: In every successful site, there are always more excellent bloggers and news reporters that makes site active 24/7. I see pengician has in adequate bloggers and news reporters, little among the few are active. I know there are bloggers that work monthly by posting three or five posts a month. Pengician as a growing site should bring more bloggers who are ready to work with them, at least posting two or three times in a day. This will make posts available for visitors at anytime they visit the site. Reporters should not also be left behind, it is said that reporters are the news itself. If pengician can still bring in more reporters there will always be news update every time, this will encourage news readers to patronize pengician rather than any other site. It will make pengician to stand unique with full news quality and always keeping people updated every hour and every minute.

Improvement in program development techniques: It’s my first time seeing a site having more than one or two program. I only experience such on Television and Radio media stations. I appreciate seeing such thing on pengician so, I feel there can be better techniques in developing more on that. As a blogger if you have brought a program on site, you need not to quit, use techniques like; Building of program to a sweeter one (That is, don’t make it boring for people to read, always bring new catchy things into the program that will make people glue to it). Doing this as a blogger on pengician will draw attention of the media community. It will bring about more uniqueness to pengician and some businessmen will love to advertise through pengician if such techniques is introduced. Pengician lacks that and it will be beautiful if it’s adopted. People love to see new things and get attached to it and this is a way too. It will draw many people to follow your program and always expect your update. And bloggers on pengician shouldn’t starve their readers of such program, create time that it will be available whenever, they come to quench their thirst.
More on Entertainment gist or news: It’s said that there’s nothing people love most like entertainment, pengician is lacking movement on entertainment gist or news. And this is what made Linda ikeji & her blog popular today, she always update on these artists pertaining entertainment industry e.g Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Tonto Dike, Jim iyke and many more. It’s not that pengician is not into entertainment news or gist, it’s not just strong the way I feel it should be rather, it’s more stronger in literature category (Poetry, prose and quotes). At least if a blogger can make two to three posts on Nigeria and international stars in the entertainment industry, I’m sure it will bring pengician to high level. Imagine how BB naija vote count surpassed 2015 Buhari and Goodluck vote count. This shows that the world is more into entertainment than any other aspect of life. Pengician should improve more in the entertainment sector, as entertainment brings more audience to it vicinity. Bloggers on pengician should make minimum two post weekly or daily on entertainment mostly on Nigerian and international stars. This gives full assurance that media community will bomb into pengician to always read post on entertainment.

Creativity and Originality: Pengician is really trying on this perspective as a growing site. After going deep into the site I realize there are some posts that can not be found in other media sites but, only on pengician. For examples; Some opinions on politics by some individuals, poetry from poets and many more. As a growing site if the bloggers can continue in publishing posts based on creativity and Originality it will keep the site going and making it unique among all other sites. When there is originality in any work people always see beauty it is, no matter how quack it seems to look like. Pengician is quite good in that, all it need is improvement in that. At least one post among the daily posts of a blogger or reporter there should be an original and creative post (that is, not lifted from any media site but, created by the main blogger or written by a strong individual and not yet published on any site). This will let pengician to outshine among any other site. It gives a site a golden name that can’t be buried. Just like Linda ikeji blog, reason why I always make reference to the blog site is because of the originality and creativity in every post in the site. Some sites even lift from the site because of that.

Post on pengician are being documented on Google because, when I typed pengician on Google I could see many posts made by bloggers and reporters on pengician which make it amazing just like other sites. Even when pengician seems to be a growing baby but, it’s an old baby. That why I called it New world, anything new is said to be growing and world is something I see as old. So, it’s good calling it a new world in the media planet.
Among all the WordPress blog account, I have not seen the one that is beating pengician yet, may be I have not come across it I guess. And checking pengician, the system arrangement is very okay. Every section of the media nicely and okay, it’s not mixed up which makes it look professional. The entertainment sector is different, the news sector is also different too, the sport sector is set different and many more. It makes it look more unique and professional just like I said earlier.
I also feel the colour of the site need to be improved, i see the colour so dull to me. I wish some other colours can be used rather than black and white. There’s should be a specific site heading colour that will make the site very attractive and beautiful not using black. Because, beauty also makes people to love a site even though it’s not everybody that care on that but, I feel better colour can be used rather than pengician in black. It will make it look bloomy and beautiful.

80%(Percent) of media users really don’t care on anything in a site rather than what it gives (News and entertainment). As a man when he buys a CD plate what he cares most about is the information or the joy he is going to derive from the CD plate when inserted in a CD player. Same goes to sites, a man cannot just purchase mega bite to click on a site when he knows what he is going to get there is of no use to him and his environment at large so, he will prefer he save his money or mega bite for something better than that.

Finally, pengician has tried it possible best in drawing attention of many audience according to what I have seen and experienced in the site. According to what I have listed above which I feel it’s necessary for pengician to grow higher than this, the owner should work on those outlines, I’m sure pengician will be a very popular and big site in few years coming. It’s a site that has many special features that some media sites lacks, even the packing of the site alone is very standard and it’s looking professional. This site will be unbeatable soon. Kudos to pengician.

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3 thoughts on “There’s A New World; Pengician

  1. Sincere thanks for this wonderful review!
    PENGICIAN came on board as a website March 30, 2016.
    And here is the meaning of the concept:
    Everything you have said have been noted.
    An online Editor is on his way to the site that will handle many things and more bloggers are being recruited.
    Thanks so much for this heads up.

  2. This review is one sided.
    No statistics of the site current global and Nigeria ranking.
    Anyway, good attempt to review the site.

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