Come down there, so we elenchise
Those stony stories sun tells, I wonder wise
The same who passed past is this one
Your monotonous game, which is to burn
Depletes the wills to work, should I then sleep?
Who would feed my mouth at saddle’s beep?
Shepherds sleep and lead next to my home
But shepherds burn only the hircines’ comb
My clothes though plenty would run down ought
And feeds filling the fine faces of my pots. Show – maggot
Should this darkly dawn of lousy sunshine show
Kempt me cold so senescent, youngs old we grow.
Uh! Sun, you are such ahoddkss jug, arrogantly obsessive who orbits
Posing playing with the twain long lits
0ne side of the resting restless world white
With the other you painted black like Afrite
You have the effrontery to confuse me, very… fine
But must you confuse, the course in the Riverine?
Yes, that brings around the thought nay
Go away, leave my roof, am warning you today
Go to Rivers state and go and burn some water
Leave a dirty duty dear here, so I can go to work Sir.
Ah! Why must I kowtow this useless being a beans ball
A liability who licks our cloths on the wall?
I am a man and I have fate
0ne I could change with or without faith
You are a tin
A big thing, empty tin with only scorching
I will disrespect you and your proud ribbons
All these hails, encomiums are meant for us sons.
I slept dreaming a delirious dawn
I wake with a verse of vying fawn
At work where we sign voting bills
There is an angel, Irene, I need to tell my feels
She should say yes of cause, let us be adhesive
She is matured, brief and so very comprehensive
Now close your pinching windows so I can go
I shall bribe you, even with my tree mango.
0 God of mercy and Lord Jesu the word
Befog me with the firmament against this heavenly body
He is too strange, strong, accursed these days. Look,
We have broken our ozone layers to cook
By the race of leverage he hauls hot stones that huts
0n humanity without a pause like a prying fire toiling pots
A deus ex machina come march pass I pray
The sun you made makes man lax today.
© Jodekss ’15

In this poesy, authored by Jodekss Gloatkenf, he tries to poematically appreciate nature at its prime. This is evident right from the beginning of lineation, when he directs “the sun rising” to “come” down 👇 so that the poetic persona and the “sun” could perhaps “elenchise” — converse or relate. And so that in the light of their interaction, he would be able to appreciate the factors having to do with “the sun rising” even to her face.
The attributes of the sun, one typical of Africa is that it “burns” the skins. There have been hearsays around that some Westerners only know 2 things about Africa and 1 of it is that the sun with us is ever harsh and it sunburns. That is not totally true to say the fact. The poet probably tries to emphasize this with the verb, “burns”. Sun at times could pinch one at the back of the scalp to the extent that its intensity discourages one from going to work. This the poet establishes when through the persona, he laments about his “wills to work” being shattered by the sun rising which is already burning. It could be inferred in another way that is castigating his society by trying to x-ray what pervades there — LAZINESS.
Nonetheless, it seems so ironical that the burning attribute of the sun which discourages lazy hands would be needed to drain their cloths or help plummet some sort of seeds 🌱 in the farmlands. There are series use of personification in this piece. It is quiet implausible for the sun to “jog” yes? But here the sun is being addressed so with much vehemence. In furtherance, worrisomely the persona explicates the movement of the sun, how it “orbits”. It seems the persona finds it confusing why the sun doesn’t get tired of the one way route it takes, it has been taking right from the beginning of life in the universe. It would only go roughly around and would forever keep doing that as Geography explains. It could be said that in a way, the persona needs the sun to be lenient and heed to his words, follow the way he feels… to perhaps not to move round but to move down or up. Selfishness in the nature of mankind could be depicted through that. Should the sun move either ways, the world would not worth living in any longer. And since this will of the persona is not reflecting, thus the vexation through the imperative clause, “Go away…” by the persona.
Towards the end, the selfish nature of the persona began to reflect for real as he is only mad 😠 at the the sun rising because it’s serving as a stomper for him from seeing “Irene” his lover who is likely waiting for him on the other side. The urge to see her implies she loves her and this love he has for her causes the hatred he has developed for the sun rising. When actually, there are some farmers awaiting the sun to shine on their crops and to know the time of the day, meaning they have urge to see the sun rising, which then implies they love ❤ the sun. The notion of selfishness is to the peak emphasized by the poet in the last line, as he blames the “maker” by using the lower case “you” to refer to God who created the sun for impeding him from having or enjoying his life in the ways he wants it.

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