Tanker Drivers are careless, No law to check them on the Road

Ugo Egbujo wrote:

Leave demons aside.
These accidents haven’t happened enough.
I run trucks, so I know. We are all guilty. There is zero regulation. It’s a literal jungle. Such drivers jump out and disappear.
They will re appear tomorrow bearing new names with new Ids and new drivers licenses.
There is no data base.
There is no training. Youngsters learn driving on the road. The truck carriages are built and rebuilt roadside. Most of the drivers are on codeine.
Shambolic trucks ply the bad roads in haste. The truck he operators live on narrow treacherous margins left by counterfeit spares parts sellers and in house theft. So survival depends on how many corners successfully cut.
These accidents haven’t happened enough.
They haven’t happened enough with trucks, they haven’t happened enough with blind tempestuous okada riders. They haven’t happened enough with arrogant Julius Berger drivers. They haven’t even happened enough with reckless official military and civilian convoys.
We must celebrate our good fortune.
What’s all the superstitions about . We fly blind like bats and we nearly always get away. I have seen Okada riders lamenting the carnage too. They who don’t obey any lights or rules.

Its no use calling for national prayers. There is no alcohol testing. The blind can get a drivers license. The Danfo bus drivers are the most cynical human beings on the surface of the earth.
We are lucky bastards.

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