Tactic Ideas Services is a
FIRST CLASS PROVIDER OF SEAFOODS! Tactic Ideas Services Ltd is a group at large and TACTIC SEAFOODS is a member of Tactic Ideas Services group, Africa’s leading supplier of seafoods with an affordable price on their services.They are dedicated to delivering freshness, simplicity and building a long lasting relationship with their clients. They ensure that you can always buy the best and have the opportunity of varieties of seafoods so as to have a perfect meal. At Tactic seafoods, it is their duty to see to it that you are nutrified with the seafoods of your choice.

Tactic seafoods as a subsidiary of Tactic Ideas Services Ltd registered with RC: 1335669. Tactic Ideas service Ltd practices the wide body agricultural as well, and part of it is Tactic seafoods, they are also into green-farm and ranches.

Tactic seafoods comprises resourceful practitioners who are SEAFOODS SPECIALISTS.

Phone nos:
+2348114895266, +2348069381523


 “At Tactic seafoods, it is our duty to see to it that you are nutrified with seafoods.”

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