Self afflicted PAINS: (This is terrible) People should look inward on Social Media – SIR A-ONE

Soon, PEOPLE will start praying like:

•Dear Lord, Please, don’t allow Facebook to BLOCK me from LIKING Posts.
|| Instead of disturbing the good Lord, why not reduce the loads of work you do on PAGES? 80% of the ban I have received from Facebook are as a result of Page excessive REVIEWS and Page activeness.
Currently, I cannot LIKE posts till 12.36pm JUNE 26. The platform sucks at times. ||

•Allow Facebook to lift my ban in posting and joining Facebook Groups.
|| This should not be a prayer point, when you copy and paste into groups every now and then without 7 minutes break. You will be seen as a robot by the Facebook ROBOT which will be seeing you as its rival. ||

•Lord, please, allow my posts to go far!
|| Whenever you’re in any Facebook Jail, your posts don’t go far. Another thing you should know is this: Some have 5,000 friends and over 88,000 (88K) followers. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Easy does it. Some of these icons were not popular on the platform in 2008,2009,2010 etc. If you doubt me, check their 1st profile pictures and confirm. ||

•Don’t allow me have a heartbreak!
|| Why are you disturbing the creator with careless prayer points, when your relationship is on Social Media? Your moves, little misunderstanding with your spouse etc are on Social Media. Monitoring spirits and village people are claiming to dish advice to you. You must have a heartbreak, dear. ||

•Don’t allow my enemies to make mockery of me.
|| Stop disturbing the creator of the universe with your so-called prayer points. You curse people and don’t expect people to abuse you like one Hans… whose phone loss was greeted with a lot of supersonic dis on Facebook.
Don’t start what you will not like to see the end as a purported Feleb (Facebook Celebrity). ||

•See me through in this journey.
|| You didn’t take it to your creator first. You told your friends about it when you’re yet to embark on the journey on Social Media. Why are you disturbing the creator now? ||

____I felt I have written something sensible until after I went through the post once again._____

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