Poems of Theophilus Femi Alawonde



being a male porn poet is queert easy.
all you need is good mental build and a fat long pencil.
you must know your homo-words, in and out, till you are able to turn
folks on with analytic use of these homo-words.
brevity, wit and humour are key: for plays that would give multiple
laughter orgasms to your readers.
then sites that publish porn poetry-all poetry, poetry soup, hope
poetry- await short s(c)lips of your porn poems.
with increase in subscribers, you’ll be a pornstar.

How to make a pot full of joy-love rice


a pot full of joy-love rice is the perfect doze,

that makes your crush nod in total surrender.
to make this concotion, get a cauldron.
paw in some oil, as it eats, chop your onion and what you deem feet.
source fr-eyes, spring-kle salt, maggi-c cubes and spice
like time and how it makes one c(h)urry.
ass the aroma wafts in the ear, stir it so it bums not,
then wash the rice and see-v it.
final proseedure: be root-head to a spot till it soft-knees; devour not the broth while it brews.
Don, present your crush a certifiplate which(with) meets her achievements, no, as accompaniments.

She Races Him (Sheer Racism)

haishia woke up troubled with dreams of horses and trailers neither of which she can have. so she took her free car jalopy with a tank that tricks her. vroom! dust rolling she gears out and at U Rope, a circus she meets a man definitely not with a merry car. she says, “you are rude with yourcar, i’ll race you!” and so it was, she races him, for though there were shouts of a merry car! her free car sputtered in first, but as the world wishes, merriless man with a merry car won.

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