Poems of Justice Chimezie

A life of pun

In life we have enemies
Like a boxer we all need to be ready and fit
Unfortunately I have seen many boxers (underwears)
And most of them don’t just fit
In life be good to others you meat
They may taste very good
Except you are a Vegetarian
Then you can try to leaf them.

The word we live is a puzzle
It’s very hard to be at piece with orders
People don’t like piece and orders
No wonder the word is never piece-ful

In life be careful of the woman you know
And the woman who says no
They may Know you and say No
And may not No you and still Know.

Untitled byJustice Chimezie

Hey Hon,Lets make thisaccidenthappen


Please let’s make this accident happen
Our brakes wouldn’t fail sooner
Slowly, slowly until the steering come sout
I mean Sterling , He would be a wonderfulkid.

Pun News TV

The word ‘cup’ in Russia has different meaning

The Hard-fricans says they are taking this cup home

But hardness is not necessary to lift a cup

The hammericas and Not-America could attest to that
The cup will definitely drown in Antarctica

And get eaten by animals in Australia So it always remains in

Europe who knows

And has an Asian history of cups.


What’s up butter cup, Long thyme no sea
We’ve been dreading water for a while now
Maybe it’s time we sea older people

I be leaf it’s best we drift apart
Life will succ without you, But we were never mint to be
I remember the good thymes. Aloe you very much.

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