Poems by Usman Kamsi Ojo

Life In Ah-Free-Car


The mother of all black corn-trees

Here I am, trapped in the horse-tle and bus-tle of life

I am urged to go to the uni-farce-city

To acquire a sir-thief-icate, which they say is my lie-sense

To a sound future


My LIVER has been PULL-ed By meagre SALAH-ries and MANE-gerial hay-sitations

Thus I am hanging in-bee-twin hair-ven and earth,

At the mercy of an indifferent prey-sident.

In want of altar-na-thieves, Perhaps

I should become a pass-store

Or perhaps

I should flee to

Ah-merry-car In order to keep my future in Czech

For I am a sinking sea-tizen, bereft of eye-dears.

(For Jay-Jay Okocha)

‘In football, no man is an IRELAND
TO-GO far, each teammate is GHANA need the other
There is NOr-WAY a tree can ever make a forest’
You saw football as a tool for peace to bring US together,
Your magical feet left us in awe, HUNGARY-ing for more
You played for the team, not for self-glorification
Even when you SPrAIN-ed your ankle
And DR CONGO and his medical staff came running,
You refused to give up and got up again
Your presence was the GREECE that oiled the country’s wheels
You won no trophies but you won our hearts
Little wonder they named you twice, ‘Jay-Jay’


Dear prof Tony UBA- Professor of Linguistics,

The FIRST day you asked to gain ACCESS to the DIAMOND between my thighs Just so you could lift my exam grade to its ZENITH,

I GUARANTEE-d you my TRUST but laughed inwardly

Now the ECO-es of your past have come to haunt you

Sex is sweet, but STDs are deadly scorpions

In your next life, pray, do not forget to be a monk See you on Judgement Day!


DEER reader,
Whenever I LI-ON my bed, the WHALES of the oppressed f-EEL my ears
Thus I have chosen this path:
With my pen, I lay ALLIGAT-ions against
The injustice and LO-CUST of living of the people
This is who I am-a writer and I am proud!

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