Poems by Oluwafemi Israel Oluwashola

To be sacred is to breakthrough this poem without, breaking into sublime sack of red. To watch your whore_some days disvirgined by the stabs from father hellRECTEDeclipes
To run into your mother’s prayer for refuge Hoping to turn a_MEN, to count the stars on Your fathers chest at night and watch him laugh like thunder every MOURNING, till your dreams get thorn only to die silently like the lightning, because he is a SOUL_JAR
Mother toad us to be_LEAVE one day we fly but how do we be_leave we are leafing when our pasture has been eaten like a national cake in the hand of a thievery thief.
May be we are walking through the shores of death,and all we have to fear is our reflection.


O you, o,y,u memories flowing into me with ruin & how can i withhold sweetness in my tears without turning water into wine for is ageing not a figurine of disfigured figure and to finish is to be crucified and never resurrect.

Why o why, tell me why that I with my obscure
Eye behold my feathers tatatterd into the sky
O whose tender palm shall be my balm?
to heal these scars of my wounded heart?
Since this path be no balm but knife
I shall someday learn the best way to die.


Dim dim in the h(ours) of the k(night), a(lone) I sat on Asia.(wit)h thoughts racing like a free car, of how four fathers were knot in America, oh I sh(out) america,we were frozen on the r(old)Of anti_arctic,when they lied, tied eu(rope)d us, the horse trailer (Australia) Dim dim in the h(ours) of the k(night),I sat.

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