Poems by Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Life Painted In Different Verses

Put on that hold smile The one found in the ice of a bee holder, For many stories are still un-toad No stairs, four frogs two jumped.
Life ease a bitch What about the dog? Heat takes two to tangle But life became the victim.
For one to come and conk her One ass to use one finger, Hour dreams are bigger than horse We need to ride on time back.
When you want to watch and prey Cheque your wrist to your palms.

War Like Sex 

Air-craft and hell-melt
When my war-ship wanted her hole armour, bomb
The bat-and-lions in my gun rose with dear wings, hand claws.

She was farm like the mili-trees
Her hips can sub – my- rim and sharpen my sword.

My hand on the gun, so sure as cock, I trigged-her
She moan the loss of feelings rising.
Boom, Blood, her armour tank ass been this-flower
I will plant it in hay verse, slay hay and spear the verse.

War like sex, battle line is drawn
Hit is the survival, off the firth – test.


Deer miss star Dotun, you who pant like G-string

Every thin inn sketch-earth gives you core rage

To goal four five rounds with yore third leg,

This ass made you chairman of

D owlcation.

You are like mourn-day morning

Your complex-shun feel me with goose pin pools.

You are a star, a man off the pea poo.

This is my heart-tributes for a living high corn like you.

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