Poems by McCoy Major Golding

Hungry Pull See 
Have you pull and see

A hungry pussy

Like a built house, bare of thrust

No lEGG ever stepped in or out

No finger ever touch its knob.

Have you pull and see

A hungry pussy

Like a newly bought shoe that has never been worn

Or if has been worn has never been a whore;

Rented and returned after use.

Have you pull and see

The life of a pool and sea?

A pool is often swum by many strange being

But a sea in a blue moon have her own swimmer swim.

If you’ve seen this undefiled sea

Tell me for I’d like to swim.

What is porn?

Porn ASS two facet,
Two holes of pleasure
And a sturdid LUKEing preek
It is the Third from a CHAPter
Lurks in the TWO hole Testament.
Pun is the pressure in your head, so handful to know
Keep thinking, then meaning comes.
Porn is a pleasure in the HEAD, it needs a handful blow
Keep thrusting, and moaning CUMs.
BORN AGAIN! The preacher said.
But I have seex issues yet.

Life Is Two Shots 

Life – A Progressing conundrum APC; It Changes in a heartbeat— Life is two shots. The first shot, I waved, with profuse tears, To weigh the tons of existence. Swiftly, unannounced, The second shot meet me weary, empty; dead. Life is two shots, and As well, life is too short.

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