On Niger State with MD ABUBAKAR; Voice of the citizen


In one of my commendations, I wholeheartedly appreciated the efforts of the Niger State Government, the Ministry and the Commissioner for his proactive approaches and measures in restoration and reticulations of water works and its availability in the urban settlements to the extent I rated them unbeaten looking at the visible impacts.

Sometimes back, precisely last year, we staged an online campaign through The 1976s to demand the EndWaterScarcity which created the desired coverage on the hardship citizens are facing in the state capital and its environs. The accomplishing breakthrough was that citizens lofty voices were registered.

At then, we observed that citizens outcries geared towards having portable water was effaced and the state governments efforts then were just too political with globetrotting gimmicks by the then Commissioner with agencies under him to appease that things are on top gear. A relief it was when he was sacked to pave way for what is evident now.

Though there is much to be done in the sector, looking further in the area of establishing new water works and maintaining the cadence in revamping old ones as seen with the arrival of pumping machines in notable LGAs in the state is enthralling.

NGSG needs to register the cries of other LGAs, for they have been left to the mercy of untreated water bodies which might lead to outbreak of deadly diseases with foretold consequences on the verge.

To cap it up, there is more to be done and 3yrs isn’t a joke to go by while having more crucial contending issues to be attended to.


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