On Niger State with MD ABUBAKAR; Voice of Citizens


Governor Abubakar Sani Bello was not fair to all Nigerites to have said he did not made any promises to the citizens, so therefore no one should accuse him of non-performance.

Because there are so many meanings to this statement, we must be bold to confront him and make it clear that he has goofed and has taken the leadership bestowed upon him by the people as witticism, making it laughable and comical especially when soon he will be on our doorsteps to plead for votes again.

But in addition, we should ask Mr Governor, What were embedded in the document he presented to us in 2015 with the name “RESTORATION AGENDA”? Sure, they ain’t songs nor poems but they were strategies in the picture of promises to the state and the people as CHANGE proclamations.

In some climes, the legislators will have called him on behalf of the people to explain what he meant in his own words because such statements are considered impeachable looking at its gravity.

Mr Governor, this is surely a big minus from you.


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