Not Too Young To Rule; Niger State Youths In Action.

The selected public speakers of Niger State will be hosted with the theme “After the Bill, What Next” which will be coming up on 16th of June, 2018. This program will focus on the recent assent of the bill by President Muhammadu Buhari to give a green light to the capable young ones to get involve in leadership.

Public speakers that will be hosted include;

  • Yahaya Adams Idrees
  • MD Abubakar
  • Ibrahim Jafar Akibu
  • John El-Saba Nmodu
  • Salihu Bawa Bosso
  • Maimuna Mohammed Babangida

And Yahaya Moh’d Usman (Sai Baba) The convener.

Niger state youths are ready to swift into action and prove to the world that they are not too young to rule and they can create a better change to the society.

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