Night by John Chizoba Vincent


There are some nights you can’t cross
Those owling nights that seek for heads
Those basket nights that cry out blood
There are some nights you can’t cross
I have stoned grieve and aging agony
In those nights that seek human souls
To pluck and betray to sorrowful tears.

You run into the deepest secret darkness
Plunge into the sharpness of its bosom
Through yourself and shadow in it
Ghost hunt and hurt flesh and bone
There are some night you can’t cross
Some night that have teeth to chew
You many lost your soul finding love

There are some night you can’t cross
Those nights that crack up bones in elegies
Dismantle vines and gorgeous marrows
To quash the lurking embryo of foetus
The easiest way to know how your friendly
enemies stay, is to learn how they speak.
Life in those nights are foulplay in the eyes
That holds them together like ballers.

How do you name yourself a city holding
fears in your innocent palms pleasurably?
If the darkness of my thoughts are mares
Maybe, we’ll learn to trade with our skins
To conquer what stands in front of our purity.
There are nights you can’t cross with smiles
There are some, you tell how you feel like
There are some you hold close to your miseries.

Sometimes, we hold dear to our heart what
does not really matter to us &the world.
Telegraphic muses elude us into death notes
We crave for beautiful tomorrkw to breezes out our prayers into a sermon to the rivers of ears,
We try to hold a playlist of thoughts burning in the template of our future without fear of self.
Hold onto your nights like a treasure ’cause
They are the making of you in yourself worth.

©John Chizoba Vincent

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