Lagos Roads Need Sanity: Okadas Are Mosquitoes; Danfos Are Chinchis by Ugo Egbujo 



At times you just wonder the power of the pen.

At some other points you wonder if the pen got any power without the power behind the pen, Brain?


Ugo Egbujo posted this moments ago:


Okada and Danfo have been the menace of Lagos. They have torn souls and broken bones.
Lagos state has a knock out punch for the Danfo. The uppercut it dealt it 5 years ago staggered it but didnt send it to the canvass. But the new buses arriving Lagos will hang danfo on the ropes.
Gov Ambode please squash the bed bugs.
But Okada is the real nightmare. All big cities in Nigeria have chased them out. And they have all descended on Lagos roads like locusts. Fashola tried to take them out. He smashed hundreds of thousands them before he lost his balls . He chickened out to political expediency, when PDP came for Lagos.
But there is good news. The eradication of malaria wont lie in drugs and nets alone. Biological warfare must be designed to eat up the anopheles mosquito. That is what Lagos must do the mosquitoes tormenting Lagos road users.
There is good news.
Gokada has come and is spreading. 200cc bikes can ply all roads. Gokada is all 200ccs. They are the Okada Ubers. The riders are trained and kitted in reflective vests and defensive driving. The passengers must use helmets. The Okada riders are documented. No union and police harassment.
We know our people. Gokada is in. Tomorrow ten other brands will appear. Let them all come . The more the merrier.
Let colorful 200 cc bikes that obey traffic rules rule the roads. Let the air-conditioned buses come too.
Lagos needs sanity.
Eko O ni ba je

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