Interview: Muhammad Bello Abdulrahman Aspirant Member Niger State House of Assembly Chanchaga Constituency

The Niger State aspirant for member house of Assembly Chanchaga constituency Alh. Muhammad Bello Abdulrahman. Had an interview with Pengician stating his aim and objectives for his people. He is a man ready to stretch his last arm for his people.

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Q: As a politician how can you make Niger state a better place?

Yes, this is a very interesting question because, to me I feel there are so many things needed to be done to make Niger State a better place. Like the development of cities, training the youths and many more. You see, what people should ask the aspirants is; “Did you have us in mind?”. Because, most of the politicians don’t have their people in mind rather than their pockets.

Q: Alright, what are the problems in Niger state you think you can or want to tackle?

Well, infact to me there are problems most especially with the youths, a times I feel very bad in me each time I go about and see large number of youths doing nothing which I think Niger state has the potential to empower and educate them, rather than using them as political tools.
There are so many programs they can engage the youths most especially skills acquisition. Because, all these youths has one skill or the other they are good at and the youths are the colours of the future of every society. I’m praying if I get there, I will be able to execute my plan of taking at least 20 youths from my constituency to South Africa for skills acquisition and to learn more about new industrial machines.

Q: Are you seeing Niger state in particularly as a state with high rate of unemployed youths?

Yes yes! It is, infact we have 25 local governments. Where you are seeing is under Bosso LGA, if you go to the other 24 local governments you will see many graduates and youths that want to go to school but, can’t afford. The issue is that there are no industries in Niger state for the youths to work.
There are many things that bring about employment in Niger state, like tourism. I have seen many places in Minna that when developed can bring employment. I have gone around most especially in Bosso, I saw some nice places in which Bosso as a local government can develop and earn revenue.

Q: Contesting as member Niger state house of Assembly for Chanchaga constituency. What did you think the people lack and yearning for?

At first I thought Chanchaga was a very small place but, going around I have discovered that it is very large.
I will start with the issue of water distribution; When I went round, people were really crying over poor water distribution, which problem number one and I’m bringing in new system to tackle that because, I have gone to some countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai e.t.c that doesn’t have rivers like we do here and they are still having nice flow of water distribution.
Problem number two, I realized each community has primary health care center but, they are having issue of inadequate equipments or should I say they are not even up to date.
Problem three is that most areas are lacking drinages and good roads for them to transport various things. And I can see again that large number of youths within Chanchaga have no job but, I believe we can engage them in community services and other jobs.
Therefore, Chanchaga need a lot of improvement. It pains me when I see Chanchaga still left behind even when we have 4 people representing Chanchaga in both Federal, State and Local government level.

Q: Okay sir, you have been in politics for a while. How did you see politics in Niger State?

Well, compared to other place like Kano because, I have been in Kano and I have seen how there politics is been played. The politics in Niger State is very complicated but, I’m assuring you this time it is going to be different because, I am seeing changes now. Politics in most places in Nigeria state especially in Bosso is all about tribe which is not good at all in politics. We can only move forward when there is no tribalism. It’s not right after coming out as a candidate and you have gotten what you want, you now identify me as Nupe or Gbagyi man. It doesn’t make politics healthy at all.

Q: Did you see tribalism as one of the major problems in Nigeria politics?

Yes exactly.

Q: And how did you think it can be eradicated?

The solution is to become one and stop identifying anybody with their tribes in political movement rather, the quality matters. The only way we can make people understand this is by giving them orientation, just like the Not too young to rule program that was held at Abdulsalam Youth Center Minna Niger state.

Q: Lastly as an aspirant member Niger State house of Assembly for Chanchaga constituency. What do you have to tell your people?

Chanchaga, insha Allah I am not coming in and make promises I will not fulfill. By God’s grace I will try my best to make sure we rectify past mistakes and make Chanchaga better. I am not saying I am the best but, I will put in my best. Insha Allah 2019 we all we try our best and we shall open room for complains for people of Chanchaga. The four of us that will be representing Chanchaga will come together and put in our best.

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