I hope you truly listen



Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

I hope you notice the flicker in their eyes as they ramble about their passions. Let the fire radiate to where you are even if you don’t know where it came from. Open your hands and feel the warmth. Take every detail, every sentimental pause, every wave in their tone. When they laugh, smile an encouraging smile. When they tear up, offer silence as a respect to their emotions. I hope you ask questions because you’re seeking for an answer. Pay attention to how they flip the pages of their stories. You are not there to edit their thoughts nor omit their errors. You are there to absorb their chronicles as if watching a movie for the first time. When they struggle for words,
suggest a phrase and let them go on from there. Remember that you are just a passenger on this
journey. Sit back and wait where it will take you. I hope you stay there until the end. Don’t ridicule their daydreams, no matter how silly they seem to be. Don’t mock their beliefs just because they differ from your point of views. Don’t block their explanations even if you find them uninteresting. Consider how hard it must have been for them to muster all the words just to share something with you. Be there ‘til the last sentence is spoken. I hope you treasure the pieces that they laid in front of you. Keep their realizations close to your chest.
Treat every experience as expensive gems mined from deep within the heart of a mountain. If you are out of words, you don’t have to force anything to come out. Being the chosen one to receive their sagas is more than enough. I hope their fragments survive inside you. And I
hope you will find people who will keep you with them as well.

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