Harmony of the broken vessels by Ola (with analysis)

The past, present and future,

The threesomeness sprouts from one origin,

They are at the base divided elements,

But united at their summits,

Rummaging through nature in its keeps,

For every gold and for high leaps,

Churning prays out of bond for the beam,

For the toils and ordeals must redeem,

Oh, why not berate selves for the period of peace?

To reconcile the abode pecked into pieces.

Hands held in hands the comrades go,

For in that spirit shattering is cowed,

And while yielding solidarity the feels and zests of the land are most savoured,

Even the rages be appeased,

The good commended and the lost eased,

For he who favours men favours few,

But he favours all who is peace-loving,

For this is Love’s royalty.

© Ola

ANALYSIS by Jodekss

It begins appealing to the fact of life with inferences to the notions surrounding time-factor and its flexibility or reflexivity – the past, the present and the future to come.The past is being linked to the present and the two ushering in the future.

It thus explains the mystery surrounding life and every form of things in their multidimensional forms that support the same on all the universes there are. Ones known to our species and ones unknown to us.

But to narrow this down to our communities or even to the grassroots level, the author implies everything works together for good or for the otherwise. The otherwise thus is plausibly what is being explained in the second stanza where he, the author, to briefly put, tries to urge to do good as against evil. For that is what pays with merits but evil pays back in evil.

‬Karmic credit and karmic discredit are being given heads up in this piece. As whatever happens in life, either good or bad happens in time.

‬However, the good is what the author deliberately chooses to replace with LOVE. And this is emphasised in the last line of the lineation. It is in general, thus, a clarion call to humankind to beware of the facts about time and its subsidiaries that it only begins and stops but none knows when; leveraging on NOW to love is the best choice. To share love now and never to feel bad about it.

By Jodekss

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