Feminists do not hate men by Nnanyi Elugo



Nnanyi Elugo

I’m genuinely tired of seeing this ludicrous load of drivel. Because apart from being wildly incorrect, it also is in keeping with a very dangerous trend of evading criticism.
There are quite a few feminists who have publicly voiced either subtle or overt hatred for men, from social media noise makers to university professors. And these are not even one-off incidents, or things that can well we filed under ‘slips of tongue’.
Some women who champion the cause of feminism and attach to themselves the label, do hate men.
Instead of coming up with yet another remix of the trite excuse of “they are not real feminists”, you would do well to ask yourself what it is about modern, evolving feminism that at the very least, seems to accommodate hatred of a gender according to their genitalia.
Now apart from the fact that you are not in any way qualified to attach the label of “real feminist” to anybody, distancing your cherished label from anyone that makes a public slip is only akin to ignoring the elephant in the room and chasing mice instead.
A worrying large number of feminists hate men, and instead of giving silly deflecting excuses, we should instead ask why the community is very much accommodating of dangerously divisive rhetoric.
And yes, “not all feminist” is a genuinely idiotic excuse too.
Not all Muslims kill people in the name of Allah.
Does that change the fact that Muslims kill people in the name of Allah?

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