Falz and MURIC to see in Court over his recent video (This is Nigeria)


Ugo Egbujo wrote:

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Falz has stirred the hornet’s nest.
He dabbled into Shaku Shaku with youngs girls in Hijab recently. He has angered a Muslim rights group, MURIC.
Falz , the bahd guy, thinks everybody in Nigeria is some sort of criminal. Because people’s indifference to evil has energized criminals.
But the Muslim rights group thinks that Falz’s ‘This is Nigeria’ video is a choreography of bigotry.
Fortunately they stopped short of a fatwa. Fortunately too the days of Yerima and Shinkafi have passed
MURIC gave Falz one week to withdraw the video or meet them in court. Falz seems unperturbed. He has to be. He won’t pay for legal defense and he perhaps inherited alit genes.
More interestingly he thinks anyone who cant see that the girls in Hijab represented the abducted Chibok girls should have a medical check up or drink some more fura.
Falz thinks he deserves some accolades!
By the way, Falz was not that selective. He had people in choir dresses. And he had pastors and churches and christian miracles thoroughly ridiculed.
But MURIC is implacable. They think that young girls dancing crazy Shaku Shaku in Hijab was disrespectful of Islam.
I actually froze when I saw the video the first time. We have been driven ti timidity.
But Muric had another irritation. Falz had a guy in Fulani attire who threw away his guitar and picked up a machete. Then he beheaded someone. The muslim rights group stood in for the Fulani. They said FALZ’s depiction of the Fulani as violent would inflame existing hatred against that ethnic group.
They could have a legitimate grouse .
Falz says the video was an artistic reflection of the current state of the society. He is standing on a good ground. He had SARS disemboweled by having people dressed like touts with the inscription SARS threaten , intimidate and extort University students.
Yahoo yahoo people were not left out. They sprayed money on girls in bikini. Perhaps feminists would throw a fit or two about that too- the objectification of women. But like he said the video was a mirror of the issues bothering the society.
It shows the society is in a shameful state.
The ultimatum will expire soon.MURIC should go to court . That would be a good example for those who take laws into their hands once they feel their religion has been debased.
It would be interesting to read the judgment of the court. It would be nice to know if the Hijab has become a religious symbol.

© Ugo Egbujo

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2 thoughts on “Falz and MURIC to see in Court over his recent video (This is Nigeria)

  1. Micheal Ace
    I don’t understand why Muslims go all loose and defensive whenever something seems to go wrong with their religion. This isn’t the first time something like this will happen in Nigeria, and this certainly won’t be the last. Truth be told, i think an average muslim is a fanatic.
    Falz, in his own perception about the state of the nation, recorded a video that artistically illustrates the present happenings in the country. The video covers almost every corrupt sectors of the nation. Sars officials. Fake pastors. Fulani Herdsmen. Yahoo boys. And many others like that.
    Just the part where some set of ladies in hijab were shown dancing “Shakushaku” dance style let hell loose. Aren’t there parts of the country where prostitutes work with hijabs on? They probably don’t see that.
    A lot is wrong with us in Nigeria. Mr. real released Legbegbe, Wizkid sang Soco, Slim case released Oshozondi. All meaningless, but no one talked. We all groove to the madness. Now that someone came out with a song that actually gives us what we need, a group named MURIC has come into limelight, issuing threats about what should be and what should not.
    Let’s see how they bring Falz down on this. Legal actions my foot. A fulani man in the video leaves the instrument he’s playing to behead another man. How is that different from what is happening right now? We just seem to find solace in concealing the wrong and watching how things fall apart.
    Falz is not alone in this. And i bet this is going to be another interesting episode for the said “Lazy Nigerian youths”. We’re ready to watch even with the multiple jobs we do each and every day.
    – Micheal Ace

  2. Emminex Paradox
    # Falz_vs_MURIC
    The Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) group has asked Falz to put down his “This is Nigeria” video, else face legal action; saying it is “Islamophobia nulli secundus” and has the potential of causing a religious crisis in a dimension never known or seen before.
    The bone of contention being the girls on hijab dancing shaku-shaku.
    Falz has clearly stated on several occassions that the girls only symbolize the abducted chibok girls; but the other party, obviously do not agree with that claim. They see only hatred.
    We should not feign oblivion to the stark truth unraveled by that video. The truth may be bitter, but someone has to say it. Falz took the gauntlet and spoke about the ills of this reeking society, and here they are, for his neck. If you ask me, he deserves some accolades.
    Do not misconstrue my intention here, I’m not saying MURIC is wrong by trying to protect the sacred attire. I’m just amazed at how seriously they are carrying this particular matter on their head like gala. I expect better!
    What have they done about those who perpetrate evil of god-will-not-forgive dimensions, wearing this robe?
    Maybe I should be expecting another bashing from CAN too, since the hijab is not the only ‘violated’ religious attire in the video.
    One big problem we have in this dear country is that our priorities are so misplaced. Nobody is doing anything serious about the Benue killings, or trying to proffer solutions to pending problem. All we do is run after trivial matters.
    Well, Falz is expected to drop the video and appologize before the next Eke market day, sorry…the next seven days…else!!
    The Falanas are good lawyers anyways. The show promises to be an interesting one.
    # This_is_not_a_hate_speech

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