Education Minister Told Me the HND Abolition News is Not True – Farooq Kperogi


A while ago, Minister of Education Mallam Adamu Adamu responded to the text I sent to him earlier today asking if he indeed announced the discontinuation of the Higher National Diploma and the conversion of Yaba Tech and Kaduna Polytechnic to city universities of technology, etc. after the Federal Executive Council Meeting last Wednesday. “With respect to the HND news, which up to now I haven’t myself seen but have heard, I wish only to say that it is Nigeria’s social media at work….What the ministry had done was only to have erased the so-called dichotomy between HND and BSc—and that was almost a year ago,” he wrote.
So people who said the news was recycled from previous years are right. I was in the middle of writing my column last Wednesday when the news caught my eyes, and I thought it was significant enough to deserve a comment, so I suspended what I was writing on. I am still struggling to find the reason for the fabrication of the story, which I read from the Daily Post, an online newspaper that mostly republishes stories from mainstream newspapers. Is it BMC operatives at work?
My apologies. Lessons learned. But the points in the column, which I’ve been making for more than a decade, are still valid. I hope the government will have the courage to someday implement the recommendations I have suggested on polytechnic education in Nigeria. We are the only ones in the whole world who practice the current model.

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