I’ll tell you why. In 2011 when elections assumed the dimension of Christians voting for Jonathan and Muslims voting for Buhari (please don’t be taken in by the argument that Muslims also voted for Jonathan – it is false), Buhari and the core north were confident that such a setting will favour Buhari’s chances of winning the 2011 presidential election. The results however came out otherwise. That was because for the first in Nigeria since Independence, Christians across Nigeria voted in one pattern in favor of Jonathan while Muslims in return also voted in like manner for Buhari. The core north realised painfully the truth that Nigeria has more Christians than Muslims. Should Christians begin to realize their voting strength and possibly political strength, this would lead to the detriment of the political stranglehold the core north has in Nigeria.
This realisation was stark and a profound eye opener from the lies the core north has been telling itself that Muslims are more than Christians. The 2011 polls showed that for one vote Buhari got Jonathan got two. This was made possible by the massive swoop of Christian votes in the north for Jonathan. Before then, the Christian north had always aligned their votes with most northern candidates (and mostly Muslims) leading to the misconception that Muslims in Nigeria have overwhelming voting strength against Christians.
This realisation is what is leading to the killings of Christians in Nigeria particularly in the northern part of Nigeria. Do you think it is a coincidence that Buhari is shutting out Christians from his administration? He sure wants to lay a foundation where Muslims dictates the political underpinnings of Nigeria.
The stage is building up again for 2019 where the church is asking Christians to obtain PVCs with a unifying sense to vote Buhari out of office. The fear again is heightened that Nigeria may experience a repeat of the outcome of 2011 scenario. The play now is a resort by the core north to threaten mayhem should Buhari lose in 2019.
Christians! Ask yourselves, if Muslims are more why do they register children? Why do they invite their foreign Niger-ians, Chadians, and Fulani across borders to aid their voting numbers against “a small Christian population” in Nigeria.
Christians! We MUST WAKE UP! We are more and stronger. But we MUST go back to 2011 when we were UNITED.

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