Destiny Accustomed



Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Walking, tracing footprints on this lonely earth I stumble on tomorrow’s plans..the trials of this life hinder my footsteps to go forth onto the next. Wearily I scope the horizon, for the wonder and the beauty of the obscured fountain of love. My eyes are cocooned in soft pillows of yesterday’s tears..filled with longing and anguish, aching for the flow of the golden water to fill my heart. Glimpses of a promised dream invade my living quarters, everywhere I cast my sight the messages strike out at my person..upon my eagle eye rests the image of all that is supposed to be…unity.
I fall to my knees in sheer desperation, I can no longer continue along this road of deep uncertainty…and yet here I am, addicted to the unrelenting pain that has become my only sanctuary. A hope lost but leaving blistering embers on my heart…as I retreat within myself I drown my soul in the tears of my heart, tears tainted with golden beauty, with pure anointed oils, with sacred peace promised unto me…with the fountain of my life, the only quench for my frail thirst. I could never wander or falter, I have blindly tried to push the unmistakable truths from my soul, I have fought my inner demons yet they still posses me, They tell me how this can never be, how foolish I am to ever believe my fairytale could come true…against all the odds.
So I take comfort in the only thing I possess…love in my heart, no matter how it stops my breath or beats down all my realities. I can never break free from this barbed wire bond so strong, my life force, my only friend, my fountain shall never run dry. Ripping through my veins and piercing my heart, can’t be left alone, can’t be ignored, this unbearable pain my body does accept as the breath of life, for without it I am nothing, just an illusion,an unborn soul. Trickles and glides through body and soul, over flowing fountain of memory and keeper of secrets, held tightly in clawed hands, Gripping to my chest, here and now and forever more..alone am I the one who has been devoured by the fountain.

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